A couple of weeks ago I set out to see 9B favorite Cory Branan on a Sunday night. While I did see Cory, what really happened is I was introduced to another amazing singer/songwriter. Audra Mae was opening for Cory on this last little jaunt and while I can’t speak to any of the other shows, this chick left it all on stage. From the opening wail to the closing guitar riff she went fucking flat out and just didn’t stop. Minds were blown, faces were melted, and articles sworn to be written!

You all know from reading what I have written over the years that I am not usually one for female singers. Every once in a while one draws me in and makes me fall in love and Audra Mae has done just that. Her voice is confident and soulful and then she sneaks in just a little bit of twang or takes it low and raspy. Her set made me fall in love, tore my heart out, and left me wanting for more. Hell if I wasn’t married I might have asked her to marry me.

This album was all that I had hoped it would be. I knew it would be different with the songs I heard live getting the full band treatment but wasn’t disappointed. The opening track “The Real Thing” (which I was really glad wasn’t a Faith No More Cover) definitely shows a start-as-you-intend-to-go-on vibe and Audra and company certainly deliver. The whole vibe of this album makes it easy to put on and just listen to all the way through. It’s one of those rare beasts where it’s an album and not just some songs put on a shiny disc. It’s gonna find a place on my top ten for this year and it’s damn sure Essential Listening. I just can’t enough of this one.

Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound – The Real Thing
Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound – Ne’er Do Wells
Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound – Two Melodies

Audra Mae’s Official Website, Audra Mae at Side One Dummy, Audra Mae on Facebook, Audra Mae on Twitter


  1. Oh man. Yeah.

    She played with the revival tour when they hit Los Angeles. She played a few songs with oh man I can’t believe I forgot his name, not Jon gaunt, Chuck’s bass player. Ugh. Well, she sounded amazing. I let my love for her subside until Cory toured, then saw them twice In and around Los Angeles (her home base)

    Oh, man. I know you’re not supposed to hit on the performers but I fell so deeply in love with her. The voice, the grit, the attitude, the honesty of the songs.

    Good God.

    She’s the real deal.

    1. She played with Digger Barnes on the Revival Tour. They were great. She did a few numbers with Stix the Clown, too. That was the best tour.

      1. You might be confusing Joe Ginsberg with Digger. Joe played with Chuck on the recent revival tours and is the bass payer for Audra Mae’s band. Plus Joe and Digger look a lot alike, both like to run the big ‘stache.

        1. Yeah, but the year Audra was on the Revival Tour (year 2 … 2009?), Digger was still playing bass.

          I could be wrong, though. Ginsberg might have played the LA dates. I only saw Florida shows. Also possible that Audra was on the tour this year with Ginsberg, but I didn’t think she was.

  2. Just wanted to note that she did a kick ass version of Dylan’s “Forever Young” on the show Sons of Anarchy at some point. That show has awesome music in general, for instance, it also features Scott H. Biram’s “Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue” in a very memorable scene.

  3. My first time seeing her-she opened for Lucero when they came through Seattle this last spring…like you said bro, melted my face (while I got shitfaced) and had me completely hooked. Mesmerized the bar crowd before Ben and the boys came on and did their thing.

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