Holy Fuck.

There. Review done.

What? Five words is too short for you? You need more? Okay, but be warned, I feel as though everything from here to the end is, in my opinion, unnecessary.

Assjack is the metal alter-ego of Shelton Hank Williams, or perhaps Hank III is the country alter-ego of Shelton. Really, as any Hank Williams III concert vet can attest, Hank does both with such fluidity it’s hard to tell where his heart really lies. To quote the Drive-By Truckers, “such is the duality of the Southern man.”

Regardless of who is the alter of whom, we’re here to talk about Assjack today, so let’s get to it.

As I said before, Assjack is the metal side of Shelton, and Curb Records has finally seen fit to let him release Assjack upon the unsuspecting masses. I’d downloaded and heard all of the Assjack bootlegs over the years but I really was not expecting what I heard the first time I played this album. I guess seeing “Tennessee Driver” as the first track I was expecting to hear something slightly heavier than the hellbilly material on the bootlegs.


Sonically, it feels like the metal/thrash of my youth, which makes sense since Hank and I are the same age. Vocally, it’s all snarls, screams and expletives. Perfect for a case of road rage or coke-fueled acid trips. My only real complaint about the cd is that by the end of its 10 tracks I am thoroughly burned out on the vocal effects employed.

While the cd will not be in heavy rotation around the 18th Ave. Compound it definitely has a place in my cd collection. Check it out:

Assjack – Tennessee Driver
Assjack – Gravel Pit

Hank III’s Official Site, Assjack on myspace, Buy Assjack