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As fall closes in nostalgia runs high (part 2)

Last week I did a piece on the cooling weather making me nostalgic for Thrill Kill’s “Sexplosion” cd.  Well, I labeled it part 1 because, get this, there is another cd the change in weather makes me wanna listen to……Concrete Blonde “Free”….The cd was released in 1989 but I did not hear it until the fall/winter of 1991….I had just stopped working construction and took a job delivering pizzas for Domino’s pizza.  One of my fellow delivery drivers was this guy named Russ.  He was 5 or 6 years older than me at the time (24 or 25)….one of those guys that had dropped out of college and moved from state to state….I thought he was the musical guru because he turned me on to Leonard Cohen after a conversation about “Pump up the Volume” and the track “Everybody Knows”….we became pretty good friends during the time I worked there….he made me a cassette tape one day w/Concrete Blonde “Free” on one side and Nirvana “Nevermind” on the other….as a pizza delivery guy you spend *a lot* of time in a car and if I listened to Free once I listened to it 5000 times…..It wasn’t that I just liked the cd…as a 19 year old…It freakin’ spoke to me….laugh now but I am sure you had that cd in your youth as well…Free was mine….Johnette Napolitano was the coolest woman in the world….Scenes of a Perfect Crime and Little Conversations were, IMO, examples of multi-layered lyrical perfection and I quoted them at every given opportunity….Last year I finally got to see Concrete Blonde live and though they did not play “little conversations” they did play “Scenes of a Perfect Crime” and I was that 19 year old kid all over again.  And now, as the days grow shorter I find myself digging out this cd for a few beers on the porch swing and I wonder what happened to that Russ fella.

Concrete Blonde - Scene of a Perfect Crime     

Concrete Blonde - Little Conversations     

Concrete Blonde - Happy Birthday     

Concrete Blonde - Everybody Knows     

Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows     

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