I like the occasional around the web post. While I know that 9B is the most important thing happening on the web at any given time there is other cool stuff out there. This time around it’s me taking you by the hand to some of the dark alleys and leading down paths that might make you a little less than comfortable. Well probably not but it sounded cool when I thought of it. Anyway here’s a few sites I think you ought to drop by and check out while you ought to be working. Yeah, don’t try and lie me, I even know about that vodka and iced tea you had at lunch. These are just a few of the sites that eat away my time during the day, I hope you enjoy one or two of them as much as I do.

Empty Bottles & Broken Souls

A tumblr/blog/thing that follows a lot of the same music we talk about here. They even scored a great interview with Matt Woods recently. Until recently this piece of the web was called “Fuck Yeah Alt Country Boys” and that may have played in to its lack of mention here until now, or maybe it didn’t, but all the same it was an unfortunate moniker. From what I gather Chris got the account with the name attached and has now decided to change it and build the fanbase back up under the new name. I don’t always agree with the reviews over there but the guy has a good ear most of the time and you ought to check it out. And because one can never have too much social media there’s also a Facebook page that you can follow, you know to let you know when they update the Tumblr and stuff. Not sure if there’s an Instagram account somewhere but I really didn’t look that hard.

Deadline Riot

This one I found out about because of Tom McSod‘s involvement. The concept is simple 1 song every week for 1 year. Your first stop should the “About” page so you can read a little blurb about each artist, there’s 10 of them doing this, and then you can peruse the music by visiting each of their pages or just dig through the main page of the site where everything gets posts. I only knew of Tom McSod and Don Zuzula (of The Tosspints) prior to this challenge and Tom’s posts about it on Facebook, but it’s now a site that I check every morning to see if anything new and interesting has popped up. Sure some of the songs aren’t to my tastes but that’s to be expected with a group of diverse people putting out this much music. If every one of them met the goal this would be 520 songs in a year or 52 songs for each artist which is about the equivalent of 4 or 5 normal length records. Even this close to the beginning of the year there’s a ton of songs to go though. This is the black hole that will eat your time for the next day or so, you’re welcome!

Schlock Mercenary

schlockThis is one of my favorite daily reads. You see aside from opining on music, drinking whiskey, and making tacos I am also a nerd. Schlock is a carbosilicate amorph who is employed by a mercenary group known as Tagon’s Toughs. It’s a sci-fi webcomic and, aside from the actual stories being well plotted and executed, is pretty damn funny some days. It’s been published daily since 2000 and hasn’t missed a day of publishing which is an impressive feat that very few, if any, webcomics can claim. If you like your humor a little nerdy and think you’d enjoy a story that contains a blob that hides a plasma cannon in its mouth then you really ought to check this one out. If you get really obsessed you can probably get current in about a month. Luckily for you a new story arc just started so you can drop in here and keep current while catching as well.

Questionable Content

qcI know that at least a couple of the folks around here read this one and it’s where I got the idea of calling the bottle in desk drawer “emergency bourbon” so I had to drop it in the list. It’s a “slice of life” comic, really for lack of a better term on my part, centering around a cast of humans and a couple of AIs with a coffee shop as a central location for a lot of the stories. While it sounds bit like Portlandia in that description it’s really not. The jokes range from sex to indie music and it’s usually a really fun read and even then generally not NSFW unless someone is reading over your shouldeer. It even has a TV Tropes page (as if you need another rabbit hole) about which the author says “The TV Tropes QC page is every single idiotic comment from my forums distilled into one HTML document.” Another long running comic that could eat up a significant portion of your time while you try to catch but it’s worth it.

Elitist Book Reviews

ebrEven aside from my taste in webcomics most of you know that I am, at heart, a nerd. I read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy with very little socially redeeming value. Most it isn’t “literature” as much as it is amusement to take my mind off of work and escape reality for a little while. Elitist Book reviews is one site where I find I agree with their reviews more often than not. To me it’s the 9B of sci-fi/fantasy books with less whiskey. I’ve found innumerable books that I like through EBR’s reviews and that’s not likely to end any time soon. So it’s not highbrow literature, it’s fun, entertaining, and likable as far as I’m concerned and that’s good enough for me.

The Bitter Southerner

bsOne Great Story From The South, Every Week” is the tagline for this one and it sure lives up to it! While obviously not a daily read, unless you want to read the story for seven days in a row, this one ought to be in your bookmarks for a weekly read. This isn’t Southern fiction, or stories from a hundred years ago, it’s modern stories, a valiant attempt to put the stories of people who live in the south out there for others to read. It’s an answer to “Tell about the South. What it’s like there. What do they do there. Why do they live there. Why do they live at all.” penned by William Faulkner. It’s “The Southern Thing” by DBT in long form, told by a different voice each week and it’s usually riveting. It is most assuredly worth your time to read through the existing articles and keep up with the new ones. And hey, it’s only one a week!

So most of these aren’t music related sites. The reality is that we all have stuff we like outside of music and occasionally get the urge to share it with you. That’s what “Around The Web” posts allow us to do. I hope I’ve steered you to a couple sites that you can derive some enjoyment from for a bit. I now return you to your regularly scheduled program…


  1. I really enjoyed this post. I know I’m a week late in saying it, but it needed to be said. I like internet savvy people hooking me up with links.

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