Around The Web – Late August Edition

We’ve been awful quiet this week, there’s a lot of real life stuff going on for all us and that’s put a bit of a damper on our output. Unfortunately you can expect things to be sporadic for a couple more weeks due to my schedule if nothing else. However slammed we are there’s been some really interesting stuff going on this week and it’d be a shame if you missed any of it, so here’s what I think you should have paid attention to while we were off doing things that pay our bills and such.


tcgYou may remember when our friends, Two Cow Garage, had their van broken in to in St. Louis, MO and “a radio DJ in Denver” (read: the very same Charles Hale we still wish hadn’t left) started a funding campaign to replace their stuff. Well things got a little weird after that and Riverfront Times published an article this week about them finding their stuff on E-Bay and how the cops and E-Bay don’t seem to be able to get their shit together and even talk. It’s all a little disheartening when you get right down to it but the TCG boys did replace their gear and have been playing shows like they always do. Those kids never fail to impress me!

I makewar-photo-5-livewas the one that originally wrote up the Sad And French self titled release and I had mixed feelings about it but I realize some of you loved it and I can see why. Well they’ve changed their name to MakeWar and revamped their sound and to celebrate the release of their new album they’ve given New Noise Magazine an exclusive stream. If you’ve ever read my reviews you know I respect a band that can change and keep going and that’s just what they’ve done. The linked article has more details and you really should read it but rest assured you’ll be getting my opinion on their new album just like you did for their first full length.

tiamThis Is American Music dropped a sampler on us this week, for the low low price of whatever the fuck you want to pay! This is a great sampler and more than worthy of skipping a latte or two and giving the guys over at TIAM some much deserved support. I went to their Facebook page today and was a little disappointed that under 3,700 like it, so if you haven’t then you should definitely show your support by liking their page, they are putting out really great music and I really feel like they should have more exposure than they do right now or I could just be naive. Anyway since they allow the sampler to be embedded you don’t even have to wait to check it out, just click below and then go buy the thing.