Hey everyone. Here is some shit I wanted to get to or saw this week that I wanted to pass along:

  • Did y’all know that I contribute to a couple of other blogs from time to time? It’s true. I am a regular contributor to Star Maker Machine. It’s a theme-based mp3 blog worth checking out. I’ve also recently become a contributor to the freshly relaunched Creative Loafing music site. I made my first post today. Do me a favor, go over there and make a comment of some sort about naked women and beer…let ’em know what they’re getting themselves into by letting me post on their site.
  • Ever heard of 5 Dollar Cover: Memphis? Yeah, me neither, apparently it’s a faux-reality show that’s gonna be airing on MTV. The cool thing about it is that is gonna feature faves, Lucero. Looks like that major label deal is already paying off. You go boys! Here is the trailer:
  • Finally, the folks over on Twangnation brought it to my attention that famed New York blues guitarist, Popa Chubby, is gonna give this whole country music thing a try with his wife in a project called Vicious Country. Out of the gate they’re covering Hank III‘s song, Straight To Hell. Not a bad way to start Popa! Here is the video:

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  1. ninebullets is the only blog left I check on an almost daily basis and it never let me down. it never fails to introduce me to great music I otherwise would probably never have heard of.
    but I gotta say this Popa cover and video is horrible.
    (and I don’t like the idea of Lucero as the backgound music to a stupid MTV show either…)

  2. the MTV thing is a little odd but I’m just happy to see the guys making some money. They’ve paid their dues and deserve some recognition.

    the Popa video, I agree…it’s pure Velvetta but I don’t think their cover is the worse thing ever…they should have omitted the Louvin piece at the beginning though.

  3. I hope the writers somehow find a way to get Spencer and Brodie on the show..I would pay good money to see them interact with real people…but I would pay 10 times as much to see Ben hooking up with any of the girls from The Hills..well…not Lo.

    My $$$ is on Audrina.

    And yes…I just exposed myself with my Laguna Beach/The Hills references…so what.

  4. “Autopsy IV is the owner of the music blog He lives in a nondescript house in Southeast St. Petersburg with his wife and 2 bulldogs. He can regularly be found with a whiskey in hand in a multitude of Downtown watering holes and music venues. When sober, he is better at Guitar Hero than any self-respecting 35 year old should be.”

    Now that is some sweet copy..

    MTV reality drama based on Memphis Music Scene and the lives of it’s musicians? MTV has the most success ($$$) from salacious shows where exploitation abounds…like 2 hot 19 y/o blondes drunk in the hot tub ala The Real World..or was the Road Rules…or was it RR&RRC??

    Does anyone at MTV still listen to music?

    … sounds like the serpent is loose in the garden again…

  5. Hey, ya’ll – this is David Harris from MTV, one of the producers of $5 Cover. The film was written and directed by Craig Brewer (who wrote and directed Hustle & Flow and Black Snake Moan) – and even though the bands play themselves, it’s not a reality show.

    The project is made up of: 1. a feature-length web-series made entirely in Memphis by Memphis filmmakers and musicians with full creative control 2. twelve documentaries on the bands in the series produced and directed by Memphis photojournalist and documentary filmmaker Alan Spearman 3. thirty-five videos about Memphis creative outlets from galleries to bands to venues.

    Some of us do listen to music still, and we’ve spent a lot of time listening to Memphis Music, from Lucero and Jack Oblivian to Al Kapone and Muck Sticky to Two Way Radio and Snowglobe. We’re excited to help get this music out there and we’re glad that we can help get some of these bands the attention they deserve.

    So, if you’re looking for Audrina, you’re going to be disappointed…

    Thanks for checking out the trailer, and look for more soon. Most of the bands from the show will be at SXSW in March for the Memphis music showcase.

  6. look, i am all for documentaries on bands that i like. but you’ve got to be kidding me if you think im gonna take this show serious after watching that trailer. in my opinion it reminded me of saved by the bell acting. and then seeing one of my all time favorite bands on it just disappointed me.

    us fans of the whole “alt country” or whatever genre are passionate about these bands. its not that we want them to stay these little bands that dont make a dime on the road forever. i want lucero to be huge! but i hate the fact that they are going about it through fucking mtv. im sorry but they deserve more than the teenage dating show/real world/TRL bullshit. so when jacksondavis said “… sounds like the serpent is loose in the garden again…” that hit the nail on the head.

    and david, i know im bashing the hell out of mtv but it is what it is. people you see at lucero, drive-by truckers, hank 3, drag the river, etc. are not huge fans of your station. its just the honest truth. mtv chose to be a “lifestyle” network insteed of being about the music. they dropped that shit a long time ago. and its great that mephis artists are in full of creative control of the production. but that doesnt mean they have the best intentions either.

    and dont think im under the impression that mtv is the only person involved in this. you can be damn sure that ill have something to say to ben and the boys next time i see them. and im not gonna go and get rid of my lucero albums, they still will be my top played band. ill just miss going to the shows. “keep your eye on the coin and your ear to the ground”…

    thats just my opinion. whatever its worth. probably not much.

  7. Mike,

    I hear you… And, we actually know that Lucero (or any of the other bands in the show) weren’t quick to jump into bed with MTV… They had the same reservations that you do and they did the show because they’re friends of Craig’s.

    If you don’t like the acting, I can’t change your mind. I thought all the bands did a great job in their roles, especially Ben. They’re playing characters and they’re taking part in telling the story of their scene to a bigger audience. It’s not a reality show – and the trailer isn’t for the documentary shorts (if you like Lucero, I’d be willing to bet $100 that you’ll be interested in the documentary on Ben).

    I hope that MTV airing the Real World doesn’t mean we can’t also support bands in other ways. There are only so many outlets good bands have now, and a lot of them are stuck between being so small that it’s hard to pay the bills or just big enough that people steal their music. I’d be kind bummed if the bands end up stuck in a damned if you do/damned if you don’t situation where if they work with someone like us, they lose their fans and if they don’t work with someone like us – they have a harder time growing their fan base to a level where they can make a living and retire on doing what they love.

    Your opinion (and opinions of people who think like you do) does matter. I came to be friends with the bands in $5 Cover through the project, but I come from Texas, and my brother played country in Austin and I know the difference between the lives and values of the bands that play at the Broken Spoke and the bands that play on TRL. I can’t speak for anybody’s intentions but my own, but I believe the crew in Memphis did the project because they’re proud of their town and their music.

    I hope that someone like you who hates everything that MTV does can come to see that this project is different. I’d be happy if you came to like it, or even just one thing from it. But, even if you hate it all, I hope that next time you see Ben, you don’t give him too much shit about working with us – those guys work their asses off, they put the music first, and there’s nothing MTV or anybody can do to take that away.

    I’m glad you care enough to get pissed off. This project wouldn’t be worth doing if people didn’t care, and opinions like yours keep us honest.



  8. David,

    You make a strong case regarding the show and I am quite certain I’ll will be watching. I don’t think I’ll be giving Ben shit about being on the show…those boys have paid major dues on the road the past 10 years.
    I hope the show is successful while staying true to the intent you describe. It certainly has the potential to help a vast majority of MTV’s audience hear and hopefully experience music that is pure and honest which is a very good thing.



  9. I can understand/share the squeamishness that having the MYV branding brings upon most people. I mean, really, when was the last time MTV did anything related to music that didn’t involve Puffy?

    That said. I’ll give it a shot, I mean, I watch Tool Academy for christ’s sakes.

    The fact that the dude who wrote Hustle & Flow and Black Snake Moan is involved is a huge plus to me. I loved both of those movies.

    I’m also happy to read that it ain’t a faux-the hills type reality show. The thought of Ben and Co. becoming the next spencer and blondette is to much for me to stomach.

    So, we’ll see. I’ll be watching and I’ll watch it with an open mind. I hope it doesn’t suck and I hope the next Lucero show don’t have 5000 14 year olds in John Mayer tshirts at it….50 will be tolerable but many more than that will hurt my soul.

    I do look forward to the documentary on Ben though.

  10. JD, what’s wrong with John Mayer fans? Huh?

    So, I guess a Memphis gal should chime in on this seeing as how it involves my beloved music scene. First of all, I did/still do think of it as a reality show thing, but in a WAY less superficial way. I get that you don’t want to call it that because the word is so taboo when it comes to projects like this, but that’s what it is. It’s pretty much non-scripted from what I hear and while the situations aren’t real, the characters are.

    With that being said, I knew from the jump(back in May when I first found out) that it would be nothing like the Hills or Real World because this is MEMPHIS. Got that? There’s a reason why Memphis hasn’t gone corporate and it’s because we won’t let it happen. Nashville dug themselves a hole for a little money and fame, but we don’t need to do that. We’ve got the soul, talent, and passion to back us up and if that’s not enough, the Memphis fanbase will keep their bands real. We’re nothing if we’re not a gossipy fucking town, especially the featured part of town in $5 Cover, midtown.

    I’m really not worried that people will have a misconception about what this music scene is all about because I know that Craig Brewer loves this city and the musicians in it. I have faith that this will just be a means in which the most passionate and talented musicians in the country will finally get heard.

    -Hurricane Natalie

  11. I seem to remember The Real World back in the first season or two, but I have no clue what The Hills is or are.

    I honestly can’t tell you the last time I watched MTV, but I will give this a chance, simply because Lucero is in it.

    I just hope it doesn’t suck.

  12. whatever, good luck with it. i hope im wrong. like i said before, i want lucero to be a successful band. i just doubt this career path. hell, it is possible to do it without mtv. more now than ever i think.

    and when i say im gonna give them shit about it, it’ll be me pokin fun at the show while buying them shots. boo hoo.

  13. it’ll be me pokin fun at the show while buying them shots.

    why didn’t I ever get a shot while you were poking fun at my college football team?

    i just doubt this career path. hell, it is possible to do it without mtv. more now than ever i think.

    too true. I felt the same way about them signing w/a major.

  14. well damn, next time im in town ill buy you three shots. one for the ass beatin’ florida gave florida state, one for the SEC championship game, and one more for that sweet national title.

    and i wonder if the label will “allow” ben to be a part of the future revival tours?

  15. Wow.

    Why are we doubting the boys’ head for business? Why? What are we, fuckin’ Green Day fans who will turn their backs on a band because they “sold out”? You’re not a fan of the band because of the career choices they’ve made, you’re a fan because the music and songwriting are fucking brilliant. Cut the boys some slack. The music won’t change and I’m sure they won’t change just because MTV finally pulled their heads out of their asses and decided to do something real for the first time in God knows how many years.

    You must chill.(I must chill too.)

    They’re more in control of their situation than you may think. They’d quit if someone tried to force them to be something that they aren’t. Lucero is true fuckin’ blue. They’d probably start from square one if that’s what it took. This is their career and they’re trying to make a living, like I said, cut the boys some slack.

    Yeah, I’m mad cause these are my boys and this is my city and it’s an excellent oppurtunity for all of us. FINALLY, people will see that Memphis isn’t just about nostalgia, but it’s growing and the music is still going strong and changing. We didn’t die when we lost Otis Redding and Elvis(RIP, seriously two of my favorite male vocalists), we kept going even if the rest of the world wasn’t watching. Let us have our limelight and if it backfires, Lucero and Memphis will suffer the consequences. I’m sure it won’t though, very sure. I see this as something that will go well.


  16. Hey Nat..while I would love to take credit for that brilliant smack about John Mayer…if you check it was AIV who wrote that…but you can count me in as willing to co-sign at anytime.

    Cheers baby!


  17. He’s can play the guitar quite well…he seems to be a total DOOSH but that could be unfair since I’m sure his mom would argue him for sainthood…but the biggest flaw is that his lyrics and songs are so fucking awful that it actually pisses me off…but Nat you have teflon credibility esp for the limited number of days you have been able to string together on this planet so I pardon you for what would be an unforgivable sin commited by most anyone else 🙂

  18. At the next show ask the boys about filming this show. They had a good time with it and Ben has some great stories. As long as they keep making great music and putting on the live shows we’ve come to expect then i’m happy. I’ll deal with the little girls if it gets them paid well. I hope they can achieve the greatest success possible without having to sacrifice themselves.

    This is only on the website right?

  19. This is only on the website right?

    I think it’s gonna air as well.
    I think the show will be on the network and the docs will be web only.

    for the limited number of days you have been able to string together on this planet so I pardon you for what would be an unforgivable sin commited by most anyone else

    quoted for truth.

  20. I’m excited for this…. I think it’s great, exposure for the musicians, people may want to go to Memphis for other reasons than usual, I got a CD from Roy’s ( lucero) girlfriend of some music rather unknown to other than Memphis locals and I love it!

  21. Thanks, JD!

    I will say, that like Clapton, Mayer is overrated, but I’ve got a lot of respect for him. I think cause I’m a girl, I like the lyrics all the more. He should stick to doing old blues and folk standards though.

    I’m ready for Memphis to rule the world again!

  22. JPK and the 145s are amazing. I’m buddies with the bassist, Mark Stuart and I think this is one of his favorite projects he’s worked on so far. He and the drummer, John Agroves, are a very sought after rhythm section here in town. Go grab a few Memphis CDs and they’ll be listed on one or two of ’em.

    She’ll Dance to Anything is pretty much my party theme.

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