Because Songs Matter


It’s Friday and you probably don’t want to work which is totally understandable so we’ve brought distractions:

  • All the fellas in Lucero talk tattoos at Tattoo Artist Magazine.  Would you allow Ben to jam a needle in your arm after a show?  I’m pretty damn sure I wouldn’t.
  • The music Gillian Welch makes is as comfortable as your favorite hoodie.  Here’s an article about the making of The Harrow & The Harvest.  Read it.
  • NPR is more than just the radio.  They have a shit ton of killer content on the web.  The Tiny Desk Concerts are one of the best.  Here’s one from one of my favorite new bands The David Wax Museum.  And yes, that’s some animals’ jaw bone she’s playing.
  • Music In The Hall is one of the cooler things that happen in Oxford MS.  Local bands and folks coming through town sit down and play stripped down.  It’s like MTV Unplugged but better.  Here’s Patterson Hood & Jay Gonzalez playing a few numbers.
  • Are you familiar with this Lucero song?  I’m not but I want to here it again and again.

Alright, now get back to work.  It ain’t five o’clock yet.

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  1. September 27, 2011    

    Thanks for the kind words on Music in the Hall!

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