Armchair Martian – Who Wants to Play Bass? [Reissue]

Were you all a tizzy like my wife when Drag the River decided to go on an indefinite hiatus? My wife was, and still is, I suppose, completely in love with the Drag the River albums and was really bummed to be losing one of her bands.

Enter Armchair Martian.

I had never heard of Armchair Martian until I started poking around the DTR message board in the days surrounding their breakup, but it turns out that Armchair Martian was Jon’s band prior to Drag. They recorded a couple of albums, but have not been active in a couple of years. During that downtime, the band’s cds became essential listening for DTR diehards and punk/country music fans alike. Now those groovy kids over at Suburban Home Records are reissuing Who Wants to Play Bass?. Originally released in 2002 on My Records, a label owned and operated by Lagwagon front man, Joey Cape, Who Wants To Play Bass? is considered by most fans to be the essential Armchair Martian album.

What does it sound like? Well, Jon is the singer and they have that familiar rock/country sound, so I’d say they sound like Drag, but with songs about stuff other than drinking. A must listen for any fan of, and especially for DTR fans still mourning the demise of the band.

Armchair are currently doing a small West Coast tour to support the reissue. Hopefully this is something they will repeat on the other coast, and specifically Florida sometime in the coming year. For now, we’ll just have to be happy with this cd.

Armchair Martian – Break Your Frame
Armchair Martian – Confession / Jeff’s Son
Armchair Martian – Saving Anger

Armchair Martian on myspace, Buy Who Wants To Play Bass?

More Jon Snodgrass/Drag the River news: Chad and Jon finished recording the final DTR album tentatively titled You Can’t Live This Way. It needs to be mastered, sequenced and have some artwork made, but there will be a final record. Jon is also planning on starting to record a solo album in October…no release date, no title…no firm details at all.

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  1. thanks for the review. I highly recommend this album as a starting ground for fans of Drag who are curious about Armchair. And stay tuned for the final Drag the River album, I think it could be my favorite one yet!

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