It’s not very often I write about EP’s. Matter a fact, it’s sort of ninebullets policy NOT to write about EP’s but this EP from Arliss Nancy begs to be written about.

Arliss Nancy come out of Colorado and it was our good buddie Virgil from Colorado that brought these guys to our attention (many many thanks). Soundwise, some folks call them a country/rock band but I really don’t hear it. To me, they’re a perfect blend of the raw pure rock fury of Two Cow Garage and the polished retrospect of The Gaslight Anthem.

You heard them on the podcast, now check out a few more tracks.

Arliss Nancy – Paul Revere
Arliss Nancy – Abacus

Arliss Nancy on Facebook, Buy Truckstop Roses 10″ Vinyl, Download the .mp3’s (for free)


  1. Got this after the last podcast & I’m liking it more & more. Jon’s bit on Abacus is awesome.

  2. I listened to this EP several times today. Its a damn good EP! I will be looking forward to a full length.

  3. I picked this up at their show last night; pretty excellent. I can’t wait to hear their upcoming live album and to see them again.

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