For a band that, for the most part, had nothing more than a free album and an EP out, I’ve jumped on these guys’ bandwagon, moved to the front row and bought the fucking t-shirt. I’ve called them your new favorite band, one of the brightest up and coming spots in this genre, and even insinuated that Two Cow might wanna watch their back when it comes to these kids. High praise, no doubt but about 3 months ago, when I got my copy of Simple Machines I immediately knew that the rain of praise from the 9b camp wasn’t only high, it was wholly accurate.

For months I’ve been chomping at the bit to tell y’all about this album and how incredibly awesome it is and now that it’s out….I’m at a loss. What do I say that I haven’t already repeated ad nauseum on twitter and facebook? I mean, how many times can I say that if you’re a fan of Two Cow Garage you absolutely have to get this cd?

That raw edge that Dance To Forget and Truckstop Roses (both are available for free here and here) had has definitely been dialed down a little with Simple Machines, but that’s more a result of studio production than a softening band. Everything else about Simple Machines is spot-fucking-on. Including the incredibly well timed cameos of other 9b faves such as Two Cow’s Micah, Drag The River’s Snodgrass and Lizzie Huffman’s Lizzie.

So that’s it. I ain’t got nothing else to say. If you like that punky, rocky, Southerny rock and roll thing, then meet Arliss Nancy, they’re one of your new favorite bands. Simple Machines is an album I’ll talk about again come year end lists. Simple Machines is an album I’ll still be listening to a year from now. Simple Machines is Essential Listening.

And right now, you can get 2 copies of the album and an immediate digital download for 10 bucks.

Arliss Nancy – Failure
Arliss Nancy – The Crease
Arliss Nancy – Front Seat

Arliss Nancy on Facebook, Arliss Nancy on Spotify, Buy Simple Machines


  1. Thanks as always for your support buddy. The new album is so damned good. I encourage everyone to visit suburban home records dot com and picking up copies. For a short time, you can get the album on CD buy one get one free – 2 copies on CD and an automatic download for $9.99.

  2. “What do I say that I haven’t already repeated ad nauseum on twitter and facebook?”

    Hmmm. Your Two Cow CDs are lonely. Buy this album so they can have a friend?

    The world will descend into a zombie apocalyptic nightmare if you don’t buy Simple Machines?

    Simple Machines will be on everyone’s best off list at the end of the year. Get yours now so you can enjoy bragging rights?

    You can only listen to Otis Gibbs or Jake Smith for so long before you feel the need to cry. Simple Machines will save you from the cry-fest?


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      1. It’s really good. Duh. Anybody can be good when every song they put out is “I Can Get Us Out of Here Tonight.”

  4. I agree that the higher production values definitely help the band here. I like Arliss Nancy’s other two releases but I’ve always felt it’s lacking something. Whatever it is, it’s not lacking here.

    Now I have to choose between buying it and paying for teacher certification stuff. Thanks a lot.

  5. awesome record, definitely will be on end of year list. Two Cow Garage/Arliss Nancy Tour, would be INCREDIBLE.

  6. i loooove arliss nancy. i was super afraid that i was getting too excited about this album and that i’d over-hyped it in my head. the actuality is that it’s every bit as good as i wanted it to be.
    fingers crossed that they get a show in San Francisco in a couple of weeks!!!!

  7. I been listening to this constantly since yesterday. I was really anxious to hear this album and was not disappointed its damn good although Paul Revere is still my favorite song. I really want to see these guys on tour.

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