The Postcard folks would say this is typical fucking one-note ninebullets and, to be honest, there is some validity to it, but to be equally honest, I don’t give two shits ‘cause I friggin’ love this band.

We wrote about their latest EP back in November, and at the time I was completely unaware of the existence of this album. Had I known about Dance To Forget back then I probably would have written something like: “If there isn’t a major drop off in their next album, Arliss Nancy is about to become one of my favorite bands.

And it would have been 100% true.

Are they firmly in the ninebullets wheelhouse? Yup. But the fact that a hobby site has a recognized wheelhouse has to say something right? So, yeah, with all apologies of my predictability with regards to Postcard, I fucking love these guys.

You can download Dance To Forget for free (legally) from here. Listen to it and love it or tell me why my initial description of them as “a perfect blend of the raw pure rock fury of Two Cow Garage and the retrospect of The Gaslight Anthem” is wrong.

Arliss Nancy – Wrong or Right
Arliss Nancy – Feedback
Arliss Nancy – Rust

Arliss Nancy on Facebook, Download Dance To Forget (free & legal)


  1. Fucking love this band ever since your first review! Found this album searching on iTunes so yeah I payed for it absolutely worth it!! I keep them in constant rotation. I really want to see them live.

  2. Just stumbled back over this post- which I had ‘favorited’ on twitter. Saw them open for Jason Isbell at the end of September. They rocked it. Really great band, AND they’re based only 40 minutes from me. Sweet.

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