Dec 112012

Those Crosstown Rivals are a band I’ve been trying to get a piece written about and posted here on the 9b.

Arliss Nancy are a band who’s well documented round these parts.

They’re splitting a 7″ and it’s really good. The first 300 pressings of the 7″ will be translucent red with all subsequent pressings being your standard ol’ black record. It’s new Arliss Nancy so go get you some.

Track Listing:

Side A:
Arliss Nancy – Both Got Old
Those Crosstown Rivals – Look At Me

Side B:
Arliss Nancy – Can’t Go Back
Those Crosstown Rivals – Kentucky Woman

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  1. Those Crosstown Rivals are from my hometown of Lexington, KY. I got to see them play a show with Two Cow Garage and my good buddies Infected when I was back home last spring. It was pretty damn awesome. I wish there were more shows like that when I lived there. I’ve heard from my buddy Nate from who works for Shit Starter Records that there’s less then 100 copies of the 7″ left. Pick it up before it’s gone and help support a new label. I’m pretty sure they have the new record from Those Crosstown Rivals available too. Sorry for the sales pitch, but you gotta support your friends.

    • Thanks for the support Chris – we are actually working on putting another show together w/ Two Cow in Lexington sometime in March, hopefully you can make it out!!

  2. These four songs are all outstanding.

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