Glossary doesn’t get nearly enough run here in ninebullets. I’ve tried to put a finger on why that is but the only thing I can come up with is that they don’t really make a lot of news. They put out kick ass albums, do short tours behind said kick ass album and chill at home in Tennessee otherwise. That said, they are a band that, perhaps as much as any other band we talk about here on ninebullets, could quite feasibly big the next “big” band to come from this little genre of music. All they need is a little more exposure cause they already got the chops and they’re preparing to unleash those chops on a brand new album entitled, Long Live All Of Us.

The kickstarter project was aimed at getting the money to rent the house, hire an engineer and mix the record. That goal was met in less than 24 hours over the weekend but let’s be honest, that’s just the very beginning of the long and expensive process that is making and releasing a record. So, let’s help them continue to raise money for the eventual pressing and marketing of the new album. There are very few bands as deserving of our support as Glossary.

Contribute here.

Glossary – Little Caney
Glossary – Through The Screen Door

Download Glossary’s album, The Better Angels of Our Nature, free and legally on their website.


  1. AIV, thanks for putting this up. Glossary has been one of the best “finds” I’ve gotten through this blog over the years. My love of DBT first brought me to ninebullets. I had a memorable realization about a year ago that I was more excited about the release of Glossary’s album than I was about an upcoming DBT release. They are that good. In any case, I’m glad you brought this to my/out attention. I’m psyched about the new release.

  2. I quit following DBT several records ago while I hang on everything coming out of Glossary and it’s members.

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