Apparently the average iTunes user has no taste:

iTunes released their top selling albums and singles list of 2007. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…just a little disappointed is all. The only plausible explination I can come up with is that the average iTunes user is a 7th grade girl. Here are the lists per stereogum:


  1. Maroon 5 – It Won’t Be Soon Before Long
  2. Amy Winehouse – Back To Black
  3. Kanye West – Graduation
  4. Daughtry – Daughtry
  5. Colbie Caillat – Coco
  6. Linkin Park – Minutes To Midnight
  7. Various Artists – High School Musical 2 soundtrack
  8. Timbaland – Timbaland Presents: Shock Value
  9. John Mayer – Continuum
  10. Various Artists – Hairspray soundtrack


  1. Fergie – “Big Girls Don’t Cry (Personal)”
  2. Kanye West – “Stronger”
  3. Soulja Boy – “Crank That”
  4. Plain White T’s – “Hey There Delilah”
  5. Gwen Stefani – “The Sweet Escape”
  6. Rihanna (Feat. Jay-Z) – “Umbrella”
  7. Fergie – “Glamorous”
  8. Maroon – “Makes Me Wonder”
  9. Timbaland (featuring Keri Hilson & D.O.E.) – “The Way I Are”
  10. Akon – “Don’t Matter”

8 thoughts on “Apparently the average iTunes user has no taste:”

  1. Should this be surprising? Those are chart-topping songs. I think you’d find a similar spread on sales, Best Buy CD sales, Billboard charts. What does it have to do particularly with iTunes?

  2. I said in the post it isn’t surprising…just disappointing.

    What does it have to do particularly with iTunes?

    ummmm maybe that this particular list comes from iTunes.

    I have not seen lists from the other sources you list. I suspect that they would be similarly disappointing….but since I do not actively seek out these lists unless stereogum (or another blog I read) posts them I will manage to avoid them.

  3. yeah. yeah.

    at least Florida State won a National Title with their Heisman winner.

    even a devout FSU fan/UF hater such as myself will admit he deserved it.

  4. I suppose folks who take the time to know good music may also take the time to figure out how to get it without resorting to iTunes.

  5. I like iTunes. It sh*ts me off sometimes (it has the video for a song and doesn’t have the frekin song itself? How does that work?!), but overall I think it’s good. It need more singles though.

    AND, I’ve never bought any of those tracks listed. *proud* The state of pop music as in general makes me want to vomit…

  6. having recently gotten an iPhone I have been forced into the world of iTunes. I have not made any purchases yet but I’ll assume it’s only a matter of time.

  7. I’ve made two in the course of …4 years? “Stainless Steel Providers” by the Revolting Cocks (of course) and the Señor Coconut cover of “Smoke on the Water”.

    They scratched the itch, but every time I see a “this song has been approved for Xth machine, you have X more machines to which it may be licensed” notice from them, I get angry.

    DRM is the devil.

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