Apologies to Drag The River:

Just ask my wife, I do not like to apologize but I feel like it is required at the moment.


Drag The River: I am sorry I assumed you were a cheesy pop rock outfit. Really, I am. I do not even know where the idea that you were came from…maybe I got you confused with another band, I dunno. The fact that were on tour with Lucero should have clued me in but it did not. I admit, I can be quick to judge or, as is the case here, assume…so I am sorry…i fucked up and deprived myself of some kick ass alt-country music for quite sometime. Fortunatly for me, I will get a chance to get in on some of it in the coming months here in town. So, please forgive me.

For the rest of you. Do not make the same mistake I did and check these fellas out.

Drag the River – Me & Joe Drove Out To California
Drag the River – Fire & Flood

You can get more from their Myspace page.

I think the thumbs up guy has already forgiven me! Tampa folks, you can see Drag the River @ The Orpheum on 10/28 (guavaween) and they will be opening for Lucero at the State Theater on 12/13 (not guavaween).