If the Glossary guys and gal would have decided to be an indie rock band instead of an Americana rock band, they might have sounded a lot like Apache Relay. My first experience with Apache Relay came via a quick review from a friend of mine while we were out at SxSW…something akin to, “Apache Relay, really good. Check ‘em out if you get a chance.” Well my chance came late one night as they were playing directly across the street after the Otis Gibbs show and I had a hole in my schedule. Live, the band is, quite simply, a pleasure to watch, and the fiddle player is a sawing, twirling, high-kicking ball of energy. Recorded, Apache Relay is just as, for lack of a better word, whimsical.

American Nomad is not a sit alone, twirling your glass of whiskey and wondering where it all went wrong kind of album. It’s more of a roll the windows down and turn it up kind of album. The perfect summer record for the Americana crowd. American Nomad was made for good times and it offers the perfect soundtrack to enhance those moments.

I know it’s gonna feel real commercial and accessible for the typical 9B reader but give it a chance. This album not only grabbed me right away but it’s done nothing but continue to grow on me. Don’t be surprised to see it on the upcoming Best Of The First ½ Of 2011 post.

Obviously, it’s Essential Listening in my book but I’ll understand if you don’t dig it quite as much.

American Relay – State Trooper
American Relay – Mission Bells
American Relay – Set’s Me Free

Apache Relay’s Official Site, Apache Relay on Facebook, Buy American Nomad


  1. I wonder how much money the Boss has made via royalties due to bands covering songs from “Nebraska”? I may have lost count on the number of versions of ‘State Trooper’ and ‘Atlantic City’ I have heard over the years.

  2. Saw them open for Son’s of Bill at a dive bar in Houston. They put on a great show for not many people. Worth seeing for sure, much more energetic live.

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