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Six years. In internet terms that’s almost Clint Eastwood old and after taking a year off we’re throwing another anniversary party for the web site. This time, we kept it largely local and we’re moving it across the bridge to one of the best venues in the Bay area, New World Brewery. The entire event will be hosted (roasted?) by none other than mellow drummer/angry comic extrordanaire, Larry Fulford. So come out, rock out and have a good time. Here are all the deatils you need:

Where: New World Brewery
When: October 6, 2012 <-- That's a Saturday! What time: 8:00 pm
That’s cool but what time will the music start: 8pm
What time will the music REALLY start: 8pm
How much: 10 Dollars
Who: Adult Boy Thunder Band (Gainesville), Matt Woods (Knoxville / Orlando), Will Quinlan & The Diviners (Tampa), Have Gun Will Travel (Bradenton), Arliss Nancy (Denver), Greenland Is Melting (Gainesville)

RSVP! Invite your friends!

Adult Boys Thunder Band - Mothers Love Me     

Matt Woods - Beating Down My Door     

Will Quinlan & The Diviners - Acrimony Blues     

Have Gun Will Travel - To The Victor Go The Spoils     

Arliss Nancy - Failure     

Greenland Is Melting - Always     

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  1. Sim Sim
    September 19, 2012    

    Thanks for posting the Arliss Nancy song. I’ve never heard of them before so now I’m going to check out the rest of their music.

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