and now for something a little different:

I am gonna take a break from the typical music posts and drop a few words on a friend of mine.

Disclaimer: he has some art work for the site as well as the art for the upcoming site redesign and for some stickers I recently ordered. What does a low traffic mp3 blog need stickers for? Well, that is another post for the day the stickers actually show up…..back to Mike.

Mike came to Tampa via Orlando and Buffalo. Kicked out of art school for threatening his roommate with a meat cleaver (hey, being from Buffalo can scar people for life) he put down the camera and concentrated on a myriad of musical efforts. Flash forward nine years and he has picked the camera back up and in his own words, “and here i am …taking pictures meant to shock people and writing music that sounds like shit“.

When he first started posting his photos they were good but typical. Long exposure skylines and what not. As he began to find his groove the pictures really began to take on his voice. Not afraid to enhance his photo’s with his considerable photoshop skills you can never be too sure if what you are looking at is what was really in the viewfinder at the time. Some purists might struggle with that by claiming it isn’t true “photography”. Personally, I am far to ignorant to comment from that level but as one of the unwashed masses I will say they are pretty to look at and “real photography” or not, they are art.

Here recently Mike’s work has taken a more “gruesome” turn. While they are not for the squeamish his last photo series has been my favorite by far. Here is a sample of one of Mike’s songs and a small sampling of his photography work. If you would like to see or hear more you can check out Mike’s flickr site and/or his myspace site.

This picture goes perfectly with this song: SUFTBC