An Interview with Rachel Brooke

Rachel Brooke’s A Killer’s Dream came out at the end of 2012. I didn’t know who she was then and didn’t hear the record until a few months ago. It has quickly become one of my favorite records of 2013. We didn’t review the record when it came out and so I wanted to try and right a wrong. Her music is stunning and beautiful and sad and perfect. So instead of review an album that’s a whole bunch of months old I decided to ask Rachel a few questions.

9Bullets:  I was trying to explain to someone how I like sad stuff, music, books, movies, and they couldn’t understand it. I tried to tell them that I don’t find sad stuff sad in the same way other people do.  From your music it’s pretty clear you’re aware of sadness and are not afraid of it. What do you think is the attraction some people have to sad music? And what do you enjoy about a good sad song?

Rachel Brooke:  Sometimes I think people are afraid of sad music. I think that a lot of listeners aren’t attracted to it because it reminds them of thoughts or feelings that they don’t want to be reminded of..But, I love writing and listening to sad, depressing music because I feel that they are a true representation of the soul. Sad songs come out of real emotion, and when I’m listening to someone else’s songs I feel like  “at least not alone in this cruel world…Someone else felt these same things.” And that is very comforting.

9B:  I had heard some of Late Night Lover on the internet when I saw you play at the Choice City Stomp and I was immediately a fan. For those that weren’t there, The CC Stomp was an all day event at two venues. The day part was primarily songwriters on acoustic guitars while the evening part was primarily bands. You were the only female in the evening part. (a question I’m not really concerned with but I’m sure you’ve answered before) But what amazed me was that you were able to sit down with just you and the guitar after a long day and after a bunch of bands had played and had everyone listening to a quiet set.Is there a special type of mojo or something to have to find to do a show in a setting like that? How challenging is it to perform in that kind of environment? Do you ever do full band shows and how are those different?

RB:  I just do what I want. haha! Sometimes I’m by myself, sometimes I am a two-peice, sometimes I have a full band, and really I can be flexible in any situation..but no matter what, I have confidence in my ability and song, and I know that I can stand on my own among a night of full bands. Now, I don’t expect everyone in the room to “get it” or even enjoy it, but I know that I can stand behind everything I sing, everything I say, every mistake I make, and still enjoy every minute of it.

9B:  My guess is that you have probably been called an old soul by somebody somewhere (as have I) Do you know what the hell that means? Because I certainly don’t.

RB:  Yes, I have been called an old-soul. I think that it just means that you have a very simplified way of viewing and living your life. The world moves too fast now. And the “old-souls” like the past better, I think.

9B:  I’ve seen your tour schedule is fairly extensive. North America and Europe. How many dates a year have you been doing? Are there places that you get a noticeably better response?

RB:  I don’t know how many dates a year I’ve been doing. I didn’t count them. But Last year was really busy for me, though, and so was the first half of this year. This year was my first time in Europe and it was great. It was crazy going across the world and people knew who you were. I really liked Finland! Hopefully I can make it back there soon!

9B:  What’s on your schedule for the rest of the year? Shows, recording, writing?

RB:  I have some interesting things coming up..Right now I’m burrowing and writing. I have some shows coming up, and a new 7″ Bside coming out that I recently did with Sean Wheeler, Zander Schloss and Exene Cervenka. Muddy Roots Recordings is putting it out, and I’m excited to be a part of that. There are plans to do a few smaller runs this year, and bigger tours in the Winter and Spring..and hopefully another trip to Europe soon! But mostly I’m enjoying conspiring and writing. That’s my favorite thing to do.

Rachel Brooke – Ashes To Ashes
Rachel Brooke – A Killer’s Dream

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  1. I’m not sure what I was expecting when I hit play, but I dig it. It’s got a little bit of a dirty sound.

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