Almost a year ago to the day, I heard the first four-song demo from Anchor Bends and rushed here to Ninebullets to tell as many people about as I could. The band features the greatest collection of Atlantans since Smoltz, Glavine, and Maddox. Band pedigrees include Leatherface, The Weight, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, and The Gonzo Orchestra.

I’m here now, high off many listens to the just-released mini-album All out of Fireworks, to scream at y’all some more about why these songs, this band, deserve your attention. THEY ROCK SO HARD, YOU GUYS. They own the short release format, too. Fifteen minutes of slit-throat-bleeding-into-blue-collar rock. They tear into your chest and pelt stones at your heart and then throw a big one at your skull, confusing you into thinking that your bruised and purple heart is better off, and then the album ends on an acoustic ditty about your dog falling out of love with you and, now that you’re bleeding out beyond recovery, well fuck, how are you supposed to feel? Anyway, it’s intense, groovy shit and it rocks like it’s 2013 but better. Essential Listening.

Proud Weapons
The Midway
Brown Dogs

Put yourself together for god’s sake and go listen, donate, and download the album at their bandcamp.

Author: Mike Ostrov

Mike Ostrov relays the history of popular song on message boards and under rocks.