I start this article knowing that the bulk of the 9b readership is not gonna like this album. I don’t care. As the owner of the site, I reserve the right to occasionally write about something most of the readers are gonna make a lemon face upon hearing. That said, I’m pretty confident there are a few of y’all out there that are gonna love this album. Perhaps even as much as I do. If that’s you and you figure out why you love it so, please let me know.

I don’t find Young Man In America to be a terribly easy album to listen to, but I find it utterly impossible to ignore when it’s playing. Anais’ soulful and equally nerve grating voice never allows it to fade, as so many albums are wont to do, gracefully into the background while the music rarely settles into a rhythm long enough for you to start predicting where it is gonna go next. All of this combines into something fantastic. My wife and I were listening to it one night and I called her the Americana Bjork. Not sure how accurate that is ‘cause, to be honest, I can’t listen to Bjork. That’s just what comes to mind when I listen to this album.

Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Anais Mitchell – Young Man In America
Anais Mitchell – Dying Day
Anais Mitchell – Coming Down

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  1. I’m right there with you — there’ s something about AM’s music that just sucks me in. Her previous album, Hadestown, was one of my favorite albums of ’10, and I thought maybe this one would be a letdown, but it’s not…

  2. So far, I think the word for this album is “beautiful.” That’s not really a word that can be used to describe most of the music in the 9B wheelhouse. Most of the folks (and they’re mostly dudes) have Something Really Important To Say. And that’s fine, because they do it effectively. But generally musical artistry and aesthetics are not really part of that equation. I’d say Austin Lucas is the exception to the rule there.

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