Remember when I posted this long piece about why there was no post one day/rant about how sorry the police force is when their job doesn’t involve arresting someone?

Well, realizing that my case couldn’t generate any money for the St. Pete Police Department and as a result they weren’t gonna put any effort into it I acted on my own accord. I figured that since the guy bought the bike within an hour of it being listed on Craigslist there was a better than descent chance that he checked out Craigslist on a regular basis. So I started posting this post in the bikes section.

Well, Friday morning the guy who bought the bike from the Pawn Shop contacted me and asked me to provide the serial numbers from the bike I had stolen. Of course, they matched. So, Friday afternoon, we met at the pawn shop where the bike was purchased. The shop refunded him the money he paid for the bike and the bike was returned to my possession and now sits back in my garage.

Sometimes, good shit does happen.

3 thoughts on “AN UPDATE OF SORTS:”

  1. Good news. Apparently there are still some honest people around.

    Why did you drop the hydraulic disc brake? Too much power? My brothers mtb has mechanical discs and he is constantly trying to get them to stop squealing and squeaking. I have old school brake pads on the rim and they are stealthy quiet but not so hot when wet.

  2. That’s friggin great… sister’s bike got stolen from her work last night (right behind the open door of the kitchen!) but I told her about your whole scenario and I think it helped to at least remind her not everyone is an awful person……

  3. That is the 3rd Titus Racer-X (it is not RX-1, whatever Titus says) I have ever seen (pictures on Titus’ website don’t count)
    The first was my fathers that he bought in 1998ish which is still going strong.
    The second is mine, which I bought in 2001 which is also going strong.

    Primo taste. You’re kind of lucky that it is so rare, which is why you got it back.


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