American Thread is one of those bands that can capture the soul of Middle America in a record. They did it with Killing Days and they’ve done it again with Songs In The War. Now there’s a lot of music out there that speaks to the plight of the working man but these kids are a cut above the rest. There’s a pride that runs through their music that’s almost palpable and a wisdom in the lyrics that comes from having lived the songs.

Told me all about your dreams/That you’d burned and thrown away/A barroom beauty queen/With a nose for cocaine/The warmth of your chest/The smell of wine on your breath…


I have been waiting for Songs In The War since Brendan first told me has working on it and it was well worth the wait. Like many artists these days this is a self produced album. It was recorded over three days in a cabin out in the Berkshires with frequent trips to the town bar and what they captured out there, the soul of the album, wasn’t lost in the mastering. The heartfelt vocals that made me fall in love with their first album are still there and if anything have become more expresive There’s also something to be said about the addition of Michael Taggart and Kevin Maher, both on guitar, that adds a dimension to music that makes it feel really complete.

Remember that night when I shot out the lights in the bar/I drove off in a mess and I wrecked up my old man’s car/You said don’t come around here, stinking like whiskey/Guess I don’t listen so well girl, it’s probably the Irish in me…

The Irish In Me

Killing Days was more social commentary; Songs In The War is more about how getting older in today’s society isn’t what any of us thought it would be. There’s still the social commentary aspect to it, I don’t think Brendan can write an album without that being there somewhere, but it’s much more understated. The last time I wrote about these kids I said they are what Americans should sound like and I can still stand by that statement. This is music for Middle America that they’ll never hear. Maybe it’s too honest in some places to make it comfortable, maybe it’s a little too Boston for country radio, maybe it’s a lot of things but one thing’s for sure, it’s Essential listening.

It’s really something to be listening to folks, in your age group, writing songs about things that you can relate to. It’s one of the reasons I love what we do here. If I was stuck with the radio I think my life would be a lot more dull and I wouldn’t be nearly as inspired. American Thread is one of the inspirations that makes me happy to do what we do here. Head over their Bandcamp page and pick this one up, you’ll be glad you did.


  1. this boston band is incredible…’killings days’ was in my top ten last year, and it is guaranteed this will be in the top ten this year, so good – “these kids I said they are what Americans should sound like” for sure. thanks for putting these dudes on my radar last year

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