I really suck at going through my ReviewShine queue. I usually dread doing it. In fact I frequently eliminate any bands with names that are just plain silly before I even listen to the rest, which I generally judge before two bars have played through my headphones. I’d just up and let everything expire, never having logged in, if I didn’t find a diamond in the rough every once in a while. I am not sure what caught my eye about Killing Days but once I clicked the little icon to start listening I was duly impressed.

American Thread is a little band out of Boston that has a sound that I think is pretty damn near what “Americana” should sound like. Now if you know me, you know I hate genres, but when it fits then damn it it fits. There’s a little twang, a little Irish, a little neighborhood dive, a little small town and it all weaves together to create an album I have been listening to quite a bit lately. It’s rough in that way that this music should be rough. It’s unpolished because life isn’t polished. I could spend twenty in a jukebox Killing Days would be a good soundtrack to which I could start a really good bender. If you know me that’s all the recommendation you ought to need. If you haven’t been around these parts for a while and haven’t seen me write anything up yet then click the tracks below, have yourself a listen, and then go on over to their Bandcamp page and throw some of your hard earned money at them. Spending it on some good music is probably better than what you were going to do with anyway.

American Thread – Drink For The Damned
American Thread – 12 Ounce American Dream
American Thread – Parade

American Thread’s Official Site
American Thread on Facebook
American Thread on Bandcamp <- Where you can give them your money and get their music!


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