American Graveyard (or their hired hands) mounted a pretty substantial email PR blitz a couple of weeks ago, and being quite possibly the greatest fringe country music blog in the history of the internets to write about music and be named after a Drive-By Truckers song, it was only a matter of time before I received the email with the lead single, “The Common Ones”, from their latest effort, Hallelujahland, attached.

As I’ve said before, I try and read every PR email I get (this gets harder and harder as time goes on) and make an effort to listen to a decent chunk of the music that comes with those PR emails. When I initially listened to “The Common Ones” I was taken aback, one could even say I was blown away. “The Common Ones” could easily be a Tim Barry track if it were a little leaner and meaner, but I was worried that the album could not live up to song.

Unlike “The Common Ones”, and quite possibly its title track, Hallelujahland is decidedly not a Tim Barry album if it were leaner and meaner. Matter of fact, the album’s opening song is more comparable to The Legendary Shackshakers than anything and the fluidity of their sound never lets up. I say that, but the roots of the songs are always the same, so it ain’t like you’re on some odd iPod on shuffle genre jumping listening experience or anything. While there isn’t another track on the album that melts my face quite like “The Common Ones”, this album has managed to acquire a cherished spot on the AIV iPhone (which is a mirror of the 9B Essential Listening list), sans a few horribly ill advised tracks like “Fuck”.

Anyhow, this little band out of Austin is definitely worth giving a couple of listens to. I suspect very few of you will regret it.

American Graveyard – The Common Ones
American Graveyard – Hallelujahland
American Graveyard – Pinebox

American Graveyard on myspace, Buy Hallelujahland


  1. Have you never heard these guys before? They were in regular rotation on Spotucky Radio.

  2. Hot damn, This is the first record that has given me a smile in a while. Thanks

  3. I really enjoy your music, it just keeps getting beter with every song i here!!You guys ROCK!!

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