American Aquarium – Two Nights in Texas

AA House of Rock

Corpus Christi on a Monday night ain’t easy. American Aquarium were rolling in after a nearly sold out Friday night, raucous, Houston show, a damn respectable Father’s Day show in San Antonio and Corpus Christi would certainly be a bust…Or would it?

American Aquarium tour parts of Texas that Willie hasn’t heard of. And this isn’t a Texas geography lesson but trust me when I say they drive the state in circles when they come here. Their commitment to Texas is deep and Texas has responded. I don’t know BJ better than I know my child, but I’m pretty sure I see him more than I do her.

Friday Night at the Firehouse Saloon in Houston was packed. It’s the kind of bar people think of when they think of a Texas country bar. Patrick Swayze works the door, Lone Star flows, and people two step to authentic Honky Tonk tunes. It’s THE goddamn country bar in Houston, Texas.

Corpus Christi is a city where the political elite plot to keep the status quo and the locals talk about where they’d rather be. House of Rock is downtown and the kind of authentic Rock club with edgy attitude and excellent pizza that every city needs. House of Rock is, hands down, my favorite place in Corpus Christi.

“Nights Like These That the Drugs Don’t Work!”…We decided to go front row in Houston. They played “Burn.Flicker.Die.” And bunch of other great shit. I’m sure it was epic as we were up front. I don’t remember it because I was a bit messed up. I bought a bunch of Merch so I’m pretty sure I was there. They tell me it was great. Let’s move on and talk about Corpus…

I texted my wife before the show at House of Rock, “If this dude behind me keeps talking like he has through the first two acts, BJ is going to destroy him from the stage. BJ won’t put up with that shit.”. He was the loudest person I’ve ever heard in an intimate venue. Like annoying “I hate this guy” kind of loud. American Aquarium take the stage.

AA SetlistEver heard someone whistle so loud in your ear you want to stab them with a kitchen utensil? Ever heard that in a small room made of stone with excellent echo and acoustics? Imagine that, but louder, and that was this guy. I have no idea how BJ didn’t tell him to shut up but he didn’t. The band started to find it pretty humorous. When they did “Betting Man” loud guy kept singing at the top of his lungs, “SteamBOOOAT!”. BJ said something to the guy to the effect, “One of our saddest songs and you are singing along like it’s Freebird or something”. The band just laughed about it. All in all, a pretty successful Monday night in Corpus Christi.

After that Corpus Christi show I am sure I’ve seen American Aquarium more times than I’ve seen any other band. They truly are the hardest working band out there and are one of my very favorite bands. Of course, they are well known around 9B and to 9B readers but if you haven’t had an opportunity to see them live you may want to remedy that. They are on tour now and will most likely be in your city soon. Our tickets are already purchased for when they return to Houston in October. They will always be a must see band for my wife and I.

(Writers note: I apologize not posting this a couple months back. Life and stuff. I will get back to writing for 9B on a more regular basis. Thanks to the 9B team for letting me take a hiatus these last couple months.)