American Aquarium come out of Raleigh, North Carolina with an indie-rock sound that has enough country swagger to it to keep this particular blogger engaged. Their sophomore album, The Bible & The Bottle has been out for so long there really isn’t anything I could say about it that hasn’t already been said in other places where real professionals write, but I will say it’s pretty freakin’ awesome and you should check it out.

American Aquarium features a sound that’s been described as Whiskeytown meets Lucero (I’d add a touch of Roger Hoover when he was a Whiskeyhound instead of a Magpie) and on The Bible & The Bottle they embrace that comparison, going so far as to bring Whiskeytown’s producer Greg Elkins into produce it, getting Whiskeytown’s drummer Skillet Gilmore to do the artwork and even featuring Caitlin Cary on backing vocals on some of the tracks.

We’re kind of in a weird position with American Aquarium. I just found out about them a couple of months ago, and as a result we’re a year late talking about The Bible & The Bottle but we’re writing about them while they’re on the edge of releasing a new album, Dances for the Lonely, come April 25. The Whiskeytown connections continue to run deep on the new album, which finds Caitlin Cary returning for backup vocals detail while Chris Stamey (Whiskeytown, Ben Folds Five, The Rosebuds) takes the producer role. Hopefully the band doesn’t try to reinvent themselves on Dances for the Lonely and they continue to build on the sound they’ve already established.

American Aquarium – California
American Aquarium – Lover Too Late
American Aquarium – Monsters (Is it just me or does this song remind anyone else of the Nine Inch Nails track, Hurt?)

Johnny Cash – Hurt
Nine Inch Nails – Hurt

American Aquarium on myspace, Buy The Bible & The Bottle


  1. As much as I love “Bottle & the Bible” the boys take it to another level on “Dances For the Lonely”. I signed them over pitchers of PBR at the White Water Tavern simply because the tour their asses off and kicked mine everytime I saw them. Go see a show!

    Travis Hill
    Last Chance Records

  2. yes..yes..I can def see the comparison between “hurt” and “monsters”..Kinda freaky actually!

  3. Funny, I was just listening to these guys to wake me up from my afternoon nap. 😉

    I’m really grateful for all of the girls who have fucked BJ over cause I really love these songs. Have you seen ’em live yet? BJ looks nothing like what he sounds like, kinda awesome. I love that, I mean, Frank Sinatra was surely too scrawny for a voice like that.

    AA get my 2 thumbs up and a heart full of fangirl love.

  4. American Aquarium not only has put out solid albums, but seeing them live is where it’s at. Do catch them when they come to a venue near you. To top it all off, not only are they a great group of talented musicians, but they also are just a great group of guys.

  5. I was lucky enough to play on the same bill as them when they came to Fort Worth, Texas last year and they were the nicest band I have ever met… truly great people and I wish them all the sucess… they deserve it…

  6. great band #2 you’ve introduced to me through this blog of yours, you’re quickly becoming a best friend…lol

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