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I was 6 years old when Rocky II came out and I remember going to see it at the twin plex movie theater in downtown Plant City. That movie, as they are want to do, made me wanna be a fighter. I shadow sparred all the way to my Mom’s car after the movie and promptly turned my pillow into a makeshift punching bag upon returning home. For the next 4 hours, I was gonna be a boxer.

Flash forward 9 years and the next heavy weight champion of the world was sitting in his living room on a rainy Florida day with his buddies about to pop The Search For Animal Chin into the VCR for the first of what would become more viewings than I could count. By the end of that movie all we wanted to do was skate. Had to skate. It was time to pull that trick you’d been bailing on for the last 2 days. Inspiration was upon us and it didn’t matter if the ramp was still wet from the afternoon rains, we were out there, slipping, sliding and planning our scenes for the skateboarding video we were all sure we’d be in one day.

Well. I never made it into a skateboarding video and the closest I ever got to being the next Heavy Weight Champion of the world was a few bar fights I got into after getting fat. I tell the stories to hopefully conjure up some nostalgic memory of a moment of intense inspiration you have rattling around somewhere up in your head. I want to to find it and grab a hold.

American Aquarium’s new live album, Live In Raleigh, makes me wanna go see a show. Any show. It makes me wanna look on my local web site, find a show and go and cheer and spill beer and sing a long and worry about the price that’ll be paid at work tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning. Live In Raleigh’s sound quality is surprisingly good and the band put on one hell of a show that night to a very involved crowd. When I really think about it I’d say this cd is the optimal entry point for anyone who’s looking to check the band out. Sure, the studio recordings are gonna be a little cleaner in the mixes (not by much) and they’ll be a little more “crisp” but Live In Raleigh has soul. It’s pure. Live. Like rock and roll is meant to be experienced and, in my opinion, Essential Listening.

And hey…it’s Friday night…go out and see a show.

American Aquarium - Katherine Belle     

American Aquarium - Tennessee     

American Aquarium - I Hope He Breaks Your Heart     

American Aquarium’s Official Site, American Aquarium on Facebook, American Aquarium on Spotify, Buy Live In Raleigh


  1. Grant Grant
    February 24, 2012    

    I may be a little biased, being a Raleigh native and resident… but American Aquarium is awesome. They just wrapped up in the studio recording an album in Muscle Shoals with Jason Isbell. If they stop by your hometown, you owe it to yourself to go see ’em. They put on a helluva show.

  2. Kristine Kristine
    February 24, 2012    

    Planning on going to see them tonight. In Fayetteville Ar with Lucero!! 🙂

    • February 24, 2012    

      Tell ’em ninebullets says, “sup.”

      • Phineas Phineas
        February 24, 2012    

        I saw them play a week or two ago, and was talking about the ninebullets writeup and they spoke really highly of you. Not to mention they put on a great live show. Kudos to all of ye

        • nathan nathan
          February 27, 2012    

          saw them and lucero friday nite. it was way too much fun.

          • Grant Grant
            February 27, 2012    

            ^ Jealous.

  3. February 27, 2012    

    Thanks for your continued support! We’re really proud of these guys and this record.

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