American Aquariums Burn. Flicker. Die. is so far my favourite for Album Of The Year. It’s the album all other albums of 2012 needs to measure up to. It’s the album that (if there’s any justice left at all in the world) will take American Aquarium to the big league, getting them the biggest and best paid gigs out there.

I’m totally in love with this album, and I’ve played it over and over since I got my hands on it. My wife has even started to warm to it. My collegues whom I car-pool with are starting to accept it. Or they’re just so sick of it they don’t comment anymore.

I’ve been all over YouTube to pick my favourite videos of the songs on the album, and here’s “Burn. Flicker. Die. The YouTube Edition”:

01. Cape Fear River:

02. Saint Mary’s:

03. Lonely Ain’t Easy (with Amanda Shires):

04. Abe Lincoln:

05. Jacksonville:

06. Harmless Sparks (BJ solo):

07. Burn. Flicker. Die.:

08. Casualties:

09. Savannah Almost Killed Me

10. Northern Lights:

11. Saturday Nights (with Jason Isbell):


  1. The album is pretty awesome. I donated to their kickstarter and they sent out digital copies to the supporters about a week ago. Gettin’ pretty fired up for the CD release party this weekend. Should be a good time.

  2. i got the album from the kickstarter as well. And I can say that the album is much better than this review of it is. you could have just said “it’s awesome, i love it, here’s a bunch of videos”

    i was hoping for more info about the record or some kind of review. especially for a record that you think so highly of.

    1. this wasn’t a review….it was a collection of videos of the tracklisting of the album.
      we don’t review albums until they come out. the AA review will be posted next week.

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