I wasn’t even aware that at some point, I’d developed something in my head that I call the “Colorado Sound” until I heard Alone At 3AM and I kept assuming they were from Colorado every time I listened to the album. The band is actually from Cincinnati, Ohio, but their sound was custom made for the quintessential Colorado “Americana thing” label, Suburban Home, which released their album back in May. So, before we go any further, if you like Arliss Nancy, Two Cow Garage and sounds in that ilk, you’re gonna like Alone At 3AM.

Alone At 3AM is Max Fender (vocals/guitar), Clay Cason (guitar), Sarah Davis (keyboard), Chazz Stitler (drums) and Joey Beck (bass), and Midwest Mess is a quintessential loose at the hinges American rock and roll record. The subjects and characters that haunt Midwest Mess’ tracklisting are well worn and familiar, but it’s in the best way possible. I get the feeling that these guys are the consummate bar band. Hopefully they’ll get down Florida way sometime and I’ll find out. For now all I can do it dub Midwest Mess Essential Listening and enjoy it.

Alone At 3AM – Another Round
Alone At 3AM – Wolf In The Woods
Alone At 3AM – A Change Is Coming

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  1. I think this band is the best thing you’ve turned me onto in a long time. Heavy rotation on Spotify. I’m really digging them. Thanks!

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