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When it comes to my personal music collection you could pretty much extrapolate what’s on my iPod by what I post here and you would be right 90% of the time. Alkaline Trio is one of those bands that defies my usual tastes. I discovered them about the same time I was introduced to Lucero and remember riding in Jake’s car to work, listening to Poison The Well – A Wish For Wings That Work followed by Lucero – Little Silver Heart and then Alkaline Trio – This Could Be Love. As an aside: If you haven’t heard This Could Be Love you need to find that track as it’s right up there with Scott H. Biram’s – Blood, Sweat and Murder as far as songs-about-murder-that-aren’t-Nick-Cave go. So I figured I had to post about This Addiction when I got my hands on it. I have a feeling it won’t appeal to every that hangs out ’round these parts and to be honest with you I almost have to qualify this as a guilty pleasure but where better to build a gallows and hang my musical skeletons than right here?

While This Addiction isn’t up there with Good Mourning, at least in my opinion, it’s a good album and for me it’s Essential Listening but I won’t claim it is for anyone else. Delving into the depths of addiction, desperation, loss and death the songs hit on topics that I would personally prefer to not deal with most of the time but they make it alright. It’s music I want to drink to but shouldn’t. It’s not sipping-whiskey-late-at-night-being-introspective music like most of the albums I refer to as drinking music nor is it drink-til-I-take-my-pants-off-at-the-bar-because-it’ll-be-funny music it is drinking-Old Crow-straight-from-the-bottle-until-I-can’t-feel-my-face-because-I-don’t-want-to-feel-anything music. While I find myself singing Dead on the Floor under my breath during meetings or humming Dine, Dine My Darling while heading out to smoke this album, as a whole, doesn’t hold much hope and sometimes that’s just what I need musically. Like I said it’s a good album but the subject matter and style might not be for everyone so I hope that some of you like this one and don’t make too much fun of me for posting it. I am just kidding, of course, I don’t give a damn if you make fun of me and if I did I’d just drink until I didn’t!

Alkaline Trio - Dead on the Floor     

Alkaline Trio - The American Scream     

Alkaline Trio - Fine     

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  1. willy willy
    May 25, 2010    

    guilty pleasure for sure, my wife fuckin cannot stand them, but i do celebrate their whole collection even if i do enjoy the early stuff much more that the recent, good review never thought i would see alkaline trio on 9b, my favorite track is ‘radio’ from “maybe i’ll catch fire” -peace-

  2. May 25, 2010    

    You may be surprised at what I review some days. I have been feeling a little more like spray paint under bridges than cowboy hats these days and that’s going to show in what I choose to write about. Not saying I ain’t wearing a pearl snap right now but there might be a mohawk under my Resistol on any given day.

  3. May 25, 2010    

    great review. i feel the exact same way about this album. way better than their past couple albums, but not near as good as the stuff before those.

  4. Jody Jody
    May 26, 2010    

    They definitely aren’t a guilty pleasure for me. They’re a great band. ‘Maybe I’ll Catch Fire’ was the first album I ever ordered online. This album is definitely a step up from the previous two albums. I only wish there were a few more Andriano songs on here.

  5. nick nick
    May 26, 2010    

    Loved their first three records and have been disappointed since then. This one is a step back but it’s still far removed from Infirmary or Fire.

    Did you catch that tour some years back when they played all of Goddamnit with Against Me opening? Great show.

  6. valentina valentina
    May 26, 2010    

    great review of an even better album.

    skiba is among the ranks of ragan in my opinion.

  7. johnatrisk johnatrisk
    May 27, 2010    

    Please don’t apologize. Just because they chop off the twang on the album doesn’t mean it isn’t fantastic… We’re 7 years away from the Skiba solo acoustic tour anyway. I’m from southern Virginia and when they hit their notes they are melodic Avail. Agreed, not Good Mourning, but a very very serious return to form. Now, where the fuck did that bottle go?

  8. May 27, 2010    

    I love Alkaline Trio to pieces. Have since the very beginning. I definitely lost a bit of my *thing* for them after Good Morning, but every album since has at least a handful of songs I enjoy. I’ve only checked out This Addiction a few times, and it hasn’t hooked me yet, but I’ll be giving it some more listens this weekend, I’m sure.
    also – the Matt Skiba/Kevin Seconds split has probably my fav Skiba-penned track – Next to You.

  9. paul paul
    May 29, 2010    

    Love this band! Haven’t been able to get into this album for some reason.Good Mourning is my fav. I really like Agony and Irony too. I know a lot of people didn’t.

  10. Pooh Pooh
    May 31, 2010    

    This just made me really happy seeing this album on this website. That is all.

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