Alela Diane was born in Nevada to musical parents. As she grew, she performed with her parents and in the school choir. She eventually taught herself to play guitar and began putting out albums in 2003 with the self-released Forest Parade. Alela now lives in Portland and has just released her fourth album, To Be Still, on Rough Trade Records.

If you looked at my iPod and cd collection you would assume that I would not like Alela Diane, and by all accounts you would normally be right, but there is something about Alela’s music/voice that totally captivates me. The calm, bordering on melancholy coupling of the music and vocals almost forces the listener to stop and pay attention; and pay attention I have.

To Be Still, like The Pirate’s Gospel, was pretty much a DIY effort. It was recorded and produced by her, her father, Tom Menig, and Dan Elkan. However, unlike her last, To Be Still has a lot of instruments on it. Inviting mandolins, banjos, fiddles and drums to the party does nothing to take away from the real star of the party, Alela’s voice. Instead, it adds the flavor that pushed To Be Still right onto my Essential Listening list. Check it out.

Alela Diane – White As Diamonds
Alela Diane – Tatted Lace
Alela Diane – Take Us Back

Alela Diane’s Official Site, Alela Diane on myspace, Buy To Be Still

5 thoughts on “ALELA DIANE – TO BE STILL”

  1. Hi! Discovered Ms Diane only yesterday through a live set available from – wow! ‘White As Diamonds’ is gorgeous! The gig is exceptional and A1 qulality – go get, then support this lovely songstress. That goodness for the Internet and great bloggers!

    Thank you for posting your review and comments. Am supporting by buying albums & seeing her in Manchester UK 27 March with William Elliot Whitmore.

  2. Just a couple of days ago I checked her myspace, because I found out the William Elliott Whitmore will open for her in my town. I was disappointed at first since I thought he would headline, but I must admit that she is pretty good! Gonna look forward to the concert!

  3. It’s awesome to see her name getting out there!

    On a slightly related note…and I hope I don’t jinx it…I might be getting to do a little interview with W.E.W. this Saturday. Details are being worked out now. If it comes to be I’ll post the video here on ninebullets.

  4. Great, hope it’ll work out!

    Just yesterday I made myself a nice little WEW CD with Latitudes (I have the rare original, but don’t want to get it out of the great, but delicate paper box every time), the Daytrotter Session (with a killer That Train That Carried Away My Girl), the two Hiram & Huddie songs and the great and HIGHLY recommended KEXP session/interview. That one in particular is so good, I could listen to WEW talk all the time, he’s got such a cool voice and he comes across as a real smart and very nice guy!

    Sorry to hijack this one here, but I ain’t got much to say about Alela Diane YET and just happen to be on a WEW high!

  5. Would love to see a WEW interview on here!!!

    “White as Diamonds” is a fantastic song, indeed. I don’t dig the other two as much, but this is a keeper.

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