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Anyone who reads ninebullets with any regularity knows how much I love Alela Diane’s music. I mean, over the years her albums have been immediate inclusions on the essential listening list. Alela Diane & Wild Devine, I am sad to announce will not be cutting the essential listening mustard.

Don’t get me wrong. Alela Diane & Wild Devine is a really good record. However, for me, it’s my least favorite Alela Diane record to date and I think it basically boils down a personal taste issue. See, for me, Alela Diane & Wild Devine is just. so. produced. I loved the sparce vacant nature of Diane’s other albums. I loved hearing her sing through that vacancy and save for the occasional moment, Alela Diane & Wild Devine just doesn’t have that.

Now, I would like to say, I do like the album, I just don’t love the album. So you should check it out and make up your own mind.

Alela Diane - Suzanne     

Alela Diane - Of Many Colors     

Alela Diane - Desire     

Alela Diane’s Official Site, Alela Diane on Facebook, Buy Alela Diane & Wild Devine

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