Alabama Ass Whuppin'

I was sick all weekend and did not get a chance to rip the tracks I wanted to post with the article that was supposed to go up today and I had accepted the fact that there just wasn’t gonna be a post on today when along came an email that saved the day.


We released Pizza Deliverance and hit the road with a vengeance. Along the way we became a very different band. Earl Hicks documented us every time we came back home. This record was cut at a number of shows in Athens and Atlanta and provides a good listen to an era now gone. Our most hard Rocking album and featuring the long rambling monologue that introduces 18 Wheels of Love. This one got an 8 (out of 10) review in Spin and inspired Village Voice’s Eric Weisbard to call us “the best underground Rock and Roll Band in America”.

Alabama Ass Whuppin’ has been out of print for quite sometime and used versions of it sell of 50+ dollars on a regular basis. My first experience with the Truckers was Southern Rock Opera and when I decided to buy another cd by them AAW was the only cd Vinyl Fever had in stock. I had no idea that I had managed to aquire a heavily sought after cd for a mere 15.00. The picture above is from my first DBT show ever and I was trying to recreate the AAW cd cover.

Normally, I do not post complete cds but I feel as though permission has been granted for this one. An email from Patterson Hood was forwarded to the DBT mailing list today that answered a lot of questions that had been coming up on the (no affiliation) message boards and while I won’t reprint the entire email here I do wanna copy/paste the important part:

2. Do NOT pay $50 on ebay for Alabama Ass Whuppin’. No, it is NOT
worth it. We DO plan to rerelease it someday, but not right now, as it
is not a fair representation of what we sound like LIVE (anymore) so
we want to release a new live album first. Later, after that, i would
love to release live discs from other eras, including that one, which
I am still proud of. Maybe as part of a box set someday. It has the
definitive version of 18 Wheels of Love and the only version on earth
of The Avon Lady. Surely you can find a way to steal one in the

And without further ado….Until it gets reissued I offer you: Alabama Ass Whuppin’

Why Henry Drinks
Lookout Mountain
The Living Bubba
Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)
Don’t Be in Love Around Me
18 Wheels of Love
The Avon Lady
Margo and Harold
Steve McQueen
People Who Died
Love Like This

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  1. Any chance of getting these re=upped? I’m getting that the files aren’t up anymore, and really want to check out this album.

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