If I compared the music on Adam Faucett’s new record, Blind Water Finds Blind Water, to the novels of Daniel Woodrell would anyone understand what I meant? Would anyone agree or care?

 Woodrell lives and writes about the Missouri Ozark mountains, a town called West Plains, Faucett spent his childhood about 200 miles south in Arkansas. Not exactly neighbors but in the same neighborhood. But that is merely a surface level similarity. Both men produce art that is spooky, haunted and seductive. Throughout Blind Water.. you feel as if you are succumbing to an enormous hole but the ride down is so smooth and beautiful you don’t realize that the razor’s edge is slicing you as you go.

 Faucett’s voice is as compelling and gothic as they come. If he’s using vocal effects they’re at a minimum and it seems as if somewhere deep inside he possesses a natural reverb pedal that’s heartbreaking and terrifying. Listen to “Sparkman” and hear the control he has with his voice. He shifts delivery styles at a moment’s notice and if I hadn’t seen him do it in a youtube video I would think he couldn’t pull it off live.

 In an interview I heard Faucett describe his music as genre-less, slow, beautiful music and that rings true. Like the music of Will Johnson but cutting deeper and rubbing more dirt in the wound.

 This review has been terribly difficult to write. Blind Water Finds Blind Water shifts effortlessly from a few rockers to elegant and unique folkish songs. It is without a doubt Essential Listening but I still feel like I have not done it justice. I mentioned my trouble writing the review on facebook along with this sentence, “Adam Faucett’s new record comes out next week and I can’t wait for y’all to hear it. It scares the shit out of my and makes me question my existence and it comes close to making me cry. Also, I’m trying to figure out how to write a review of it. It’s a hard one.” To which a friend of mine replied, “I think you just did.” So I’ll leave it at that.

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  1. The first time I saw Adam was on accident; I happened to be in Arkansas for work and caught a coincidental Lucero show. He opened and blew my mind. There was a really big Arkansas contingent who weren’t big Lucero fans, but drove out to see Adam. I can see why.

  2. Been watching Adam for about a decade. My buddy was going to school at Arkansas Tech and caught a local punk show to which his band at the time, Taught the Rabbits, closed the show. He was the perfect amalgam of all the singer/songwriters I respected and was jealous of. I still catch every Faucett show I can. Seeing his hardcore fan base go from about 10/20 folks a show to packing White Water Tavern has been amazing. He deserves it for being an artist and for just a super swell guy everytime I see him.

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