Today is Veterans Day. While there will be no shortage of troop love today (as should be the case) some people (NFL on FOX) will use it as a day to snatch some cheap ratings, while others will go on and on about wars and towel heads and camels despite the closest they’ve ever been to it was fighting traffic in their morning commute.

So, on this Veterans Day take a moment to sit back and remember that war itself is vile, rarely honorable and everyone who fights in one ends up a casualty in some form or another. Our own Kasey Anderson wrote a song about one such casualty, Lance Cpl. James Blake Miller. You can read about him in his Wiki entry, Rolling Stone Article or in this piece Kasey posted here on ninebullets a few months back. Kasey was moved enough by the Rolling Stone piece he decided to pen a song about the Cpl. it is entitled “I Was A Photograph” and  was moved enough to wanna post it here on Veterans Day.

I WAS A PHOTOGRAPH (from: Nowhere Nights)

sky the color of a match been struck
sun just hangin’ like the noose got stuck
and you can try to stare it back down
but you can’t cover it up
red dirt rising ’til it fills your lungs
your hand’s the bullet and your heart’s the gun
and you learned how to turn your back on almost anything
but you never learned to run

you’ve seen the ditches where the dead get left
and the hungry cats in the hollow chests
and you can pin your eyes shut, boy
but you can’t get no rest
hell, it’s just bones scattered in the dust
and it don’t mean nothing to the TV trucks
’til it’s real american boys
spittin’ up real american blood

in charlie company, first thing you’re taught
is you ain’t worth half of what you thought
and just like everything else i learned
i couldn’t shut it off
so i felt like nothing when i got back home
and my father saw me in my granddad’s clothes
and said, “you inheret my blood, boy
but your sins are all your own”

i don’t sleep like i did before
i just wake up trembling on the bedroom floor
always seven steps from the ghosts
on the other side of that door
wondering, what did i do to earn another day
’cause i don’t confess, sure as hell don’t pray
i just defend, attack, withdraw
and delay

you know my face, i was a photograph
on the front page, ‘neath the headline WAR
and i was numb back then, boy
i ain’t even numb no more

For Lance Cpl. James Blake Miller

4 thoughts on “A VETERAN'S DAY POST”

  1. thanks for posting this. i hope people pass it along, not because it’s my song, but because it has become really convenient to ignore any damage that isn’t immediately apparent and physical. men and women like blake have been “wounded” in the line of duty the same way someone who comes home with physical injuries and ailments have been.

  2. A fine song about the reality of war. A pity we can’t send all the “Super patriots” to fight instead of the “Ordinary Joes” who have to die and get damaged…

  3. Thank you to all the Veterans and those currently serving this great country. We all owe you for what you’ve sacrificed to protect our way of lives.

    They don’t make the decisions they just pay the price so no matter what you believe in thank all American fighting men and women when you meet them.

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