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EDIT: The marathon has begun. You can offer your support to Ninebullets Radio by dropping some cash in my Tip Jar. In the immortal words of Scott H. Biram, “There’s only one reason I came here tonight. To take your fucking money. Now put it in the tip jar.”

Scott H. Biram - Downtown Chickens (Live)     

As anyone who comes here knows at this point, I got a radio show this year on 88.5 WMNF here in Tampa. It’s really cool and fun and I think I am just starting to really find my groove when it comes to live radio. 88.5 is a community radio station. The cool thing about that is that I, and every other DJ at the station, get to program my own show, pick my own music and save for a few FCC rules and regulations, get to do what I want with my air time. Community radio is also, largely, commercial free radio which depends upon donations from it’s listeners to keep afloat. As a result the station has two major fund drives a year, one of which begins tomorrow.

Why does this matter to you? Well, quite honestly, it might not, but if you listen to Ninebullets Radio (live or via the archive) then I’ll need your help. The show has been given a goal of $1200 to raise during my hour and if the show doesn’t make the goal then it’s future will be in peril. That’s not me being dramatic, it’s just the reality of the situation, if the show can’t meet it’s goals then it’s not viable for the station to keep it. It sucks, but that’s the community radio business.

Anyhow, starting tomorrow WMNF’s homepage will be changed to a donation page and you can contribute directly to Ninebullets Radio via that page and if you like what I’m doing over there, please do donate. You can also wait until Thursday night (10p-11p) and call in a donation which would be super cool since I also have a goal of 18 calls and, though I am not too sure how important it is to meet that goal, it would be sweet to meet all the shows goals in it’s first fund raiser.

Anyhow, thanks for your time and thanks for reading ninebullets, listening to the podcasts and listening to ninebullets radio.



  1. tommy tommy
    April 5, 2011    

    wish i had waited until this week to donate then versus last week.

  2. brutus brutus
    April 5, 2011    

    i bet its a bit nerve racking to on the receiving end of the phone, being a little fledgling show such as yours. heres to hoping all goes well!

  3. April 5, 2011    

    it’s one of those things. I’ll do what I can and the chips will fall as they may.

    But I’m hopeful we’ll make the goal and everything will be hunky dory.

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