May 312013


Autopsy IV

I am the founder of Aside from being a self-made nillionaire, I'm is also a righteous indignation addict and professional self-loather.


  1. i’ll take one!

  2. Yea for sure – I’ll need one or two as well if you make them!

    PS – Have yall heard the new Hiss Golden Messenger album? Been getting a ton of local press / praise, I think it’s fucking awesome please check it out!!!

      • Hell yea man – they’re about to start this outdoor summer concert series in Duke Gardens – J Kutchma next Wednesday to start it off and it closes out in like 2 months with Hiss Golden Messenger…looking forward to it! I’m pretty sure American Aquarium is playing there as well…looking forward to a summer full of excellent music!

        Ever seen Turnpike Troubadours live btw? They’re next Tuesday & I plan on being there for sure!

  3. This will work perfectly for me as my rock hard ass is also 12″ wide.

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