I’ve been tossing this idea around since the whole myspace redesign a little while back and I’ve decided to go ahead and set it in stone.

Decree: ninebullets.net will no longer link to bands’ MySpace pages at the end of the posts.
Why? Two words and a number: 30 second samples.

On a personal basis, MySpace outlived its usefulness for me damned near a year ago and I deleted my profile, but I was willing to concede that is was a necessary promotion tool for bands and a necessary evil for people checking out bands. Well, that all changed when they went to 30 second samples instead of full songs. Now I feel that it’s essentially useless to both bands and curious fans. So from now on, if a band has a Bandcamp profile I’ll link to that, if not I’ll just link to their Facebook profile.

Any thoughts/support/arguments for/against this decree?

Completely unrelated and yet…totally awesome mp3’s:

The Waifs – London Still
The Waifs – Vermillion


  1. I just deleted my myspace account a couple of days ago after not having used it for over a year. Myspace was great at first and I discovered a LOT of great music that way, but it’s horrible now, I get headaches just thinking about watching a profile. And now that most bands are on fb anyway. I don’t think myspace will make it for very long. I fully agree with this decision.

  2. Totally support you on this. I just did a search for my old band. I got the videos and 30 second clips in the initial search results. When I clicked on the artists name, all I got was a list of songs! I had to additionally click on “artists” to get to the profile the band set up.

    Myspace is a horrible site and I’m proud to say I’ve deleted every profile I once had there (one of them just now). The only thing I see people use it for these days is to repeat what they are saying on Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Are you sure about the 30 second clips? I was streaming Joshua Black Wilkins new record from his myspace when I surfed over here and the songs are playing full length. I checked a few other bands and they playing the entire song as well. I do agree that Myspace has gone down hill.

  4. At first. I was only finding the 30 second clips on profiles of major label bands but the past few weeks I stumbled on it on some smaller bands. I’m not sure what the criteria is or if it’s a gradual roll out.

  5. Myspace is really smart to be messing up the only thing that they managed to still be useful for a little while just at the time that facebook has added all the features needed to make it really good for hosting a band’s stuff.


  6. agreed — myspace served as a valuable band/fan resource several years ago but is utter shite now….and just have to say the Waifs are excellent and that “london still” tracks kills it for me every time!

  7. I hate the new myspace. It sucks dick. And it doesn’t even do that well. As a musician I had to waste time reformatting my page to fit their changeover. Just such a bummer.

    Myself and everyone I know use bandcamp and facebook mostly. But facebook for bands sorta blows too. Guess we’ll have to wait for th next big website to blow up.

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