Because Songs Matter


Running around checking out the podosphere (is that a word or pedophile with a few typos?) has given me some awesome that I thought was worth making a post for. So I am gonna stop making bad jokes and start dispensing podcast knowledge on y’all:

  • Ever listen to a podcast and find yourself thinking, “Shit. If it weren’t for all the mixing, tagging, uploading and promoting I could make a show better than this“? Well, Americana Rock Mix is giving you the chance to put up or shut up with their Submit A Mini-Mix page. So, you know, if you’re sure you’re a podcasting God with a lazy complex….head over there and submit mix. I’ll be listening.
  • Ever been rocking the Ninebullets Podcast and think to yourself, “Whoa! Bryan is getting way drunk in this episode!“? Well, Damian sets a new bar for drunken podcasting with his latest episode of the Mostly Harmless Podcast in which he interviews, Ben Nichols, Willie Tea Taylor and Dal from Larry and His Flask. Like many a 9b Podcast this one starts out reasonably sober and sprints downhill from there…..but hell, it’s fun so go give it a listen.
  • My buddy Eric recently started a Live Radio Show/podcast called The Much Further West Radio. I’d meant to post about this a few weeks ago but, as I am prone to do, I got sidetracked. It’s an show with a heavy focus on the Portland and the Pacific NW music scenes.  You can check out their first 3 shows here.
  • Finally, it might not be a podcast but it’s pretty awesome. My buddy James who runs That’s The Thing About That posted a fantastic taping of Lucero’s April 1 show at The Black Sheep in Colorado. So, go check that shit out.

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