I had made the New Years Resolution to contribute to at least one kickstarter project a month this year. Well, in the past few weeks my current employment has become about a stable as a California mountain side in a rainstorm and my long term employment outlook has been downgraded to “negative”. As a result, I am stockpiling money and won’t be able to donate to any projects until my personal finances are a little more stable and predictable but I figured I could still let y’all know about some of the better projects I run across.

The first one is from a fella I just wrote about named Matt Butcher. If you’re a fan of Joe Pug then you need to check this kid out. I am really looking forward to hearing his new album and see what a few years growth has done for him.

Coming out of Boone, North Carolina, Possum Jenkins is Nathan Turner, Jared Church, David Willis, Brent Buckner and David Brewer. Sometimes sounding like a young Drive-By Truckers, while also sounding like a more rock and roll version of Mofro at others, the band has a down-home richness to it that likely comes from the fact than the bulk of Possum Jenkins’ 5 members are multi-instrumentalists rotating what they’re playing, both live and on cd.

I hope y’all find it in your bank accounts to sponsor one or both of these projects.