EDIT: It might be a marathon show tonight on Ninebullets Radio but in between asking y’all for money there will be brand new Merle Haggard, Greenland Is Melting, Hellbound Glory, Have Gun Will Travel, Scott H. Biram and Hoots & Hellmouth. Speaking of marathon show: Ninebullets Radio’s goal for tonight is $1500. Wanna do your part in helping us get there? Click think link and donate what you can:

It’s marathon time again at WMNF. Three months ago there was a mini-marathon that was trying to make up for our Tea Party Governor’s budget cuts but this is the annual major fall marathon.

Without being all doomy and gloomy, the major marathons, spring and fall, weigh heavily on what shows stay on the station and what shows get cancelled. I know it sounds harsh but that’s the reality of community radio. WMNF is non-commercial community radio and we only survive via the generosity of the listeners. Ninebullets Radio’s goal is $1500 dollars in an hour. Ninebullets Radio has never missed it’s marathon goal and that’s a trend I’d like to continue.

It is easy to hope that someone else will foot the bill, but it’s rewarding to say that you were part of supporting a show you believe in. So, if you enjoy Ninebullets Radio or believe that shows like Ninebullets Radio have a place in the ever dwindling community radio air space, please swing by the show’s page and drop 10 bucks (more or less is awesome too) in the tip jar.

Thank you to everyone who listens and/or supports the show.

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