This is my last post for 2007….I am about to head up to Washington DC to see the new year in in some actual cold weather….See y’all Jan. 3…

Here it is. My favorite album this year is by a band from West Virginia, The Fox Hunt. I know what you’re thinking…Another blogger trying to find some obscure album to call the best so he can look cool and elite and make himself feel important. For all of those reasons, I almost made this my #5 pick but in the end I decided to go with honesty and let the pieces fall where they may. Here are the facts though:

Nowhere Bound has managed to find it’s way into and onto every piece of equipment I listen to music on. My personal iPod, the wife’s iPod, our iPod shuffle, it’s on all three computers and my work computer, it’s in my car and in the wife’s car. No other cd released this year has managed to replicate itself into every place where I might listen to music and I continually find myself queing it up when I need a break from listening to new bands. Point is, obscure or not, this is my favorite album of the year…it is what it is:

Somewhere on the highway between Drag the River and Lucero, there is an exit with a dive bar. The Fox Hunt, out of Martinsburg, West Virginia, is that bar’s house band. If I was required to cull the essential listening list down today and produce a list of the top 5 cd’s of the first half of 2007, “Nowhere Bound” would be on that list without a doubt.

Can you tell I like these guys? I’m not trying to say they produced a perfect cd. Nobody does. A few of the songs need maturity, and time will pull their dive bar further and further away from the DTR/Lucero exit, but for a debut these guys have most definitely released something to be proud of. Besides, drinking music ain’t about perfection. Leave that crap to the club kids. This is front porch brown bottle music.

The Fox Hunt is John R. Miller (Vocals, guitar, bass), Matt Kline (Vocals, guitar, bass), Matt Metz (Mandolin, harmonies) and Ben Townsend (Fiddle, banjo, harmonies). Their debut cd “Nowhere Bound” is available on Skull City Records. If you have been sitting around wondering what was gonna fill the hole left by the Drag the River implosion, then I advise you to take a look at these guys. They don’t focus on drinking with the macro lens like DTR did, but they are a fine damn band nonetheless.

The Fox Hunt – Lord, We Get High
The Fox Hunt – Change My Ways
The Fox Hunt – Crack Shot

The Fox Hunt’s Official Site, The Fox Hunt on myspace, Buy Nowhere Bound

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  1. wow. this means a whole lot. hopefully we’ll be able to make it down your way sometime. you surely know how to make folks feel good. thanks a lot man.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this amazing band! The album is as good as ordered, I’m enjoying the songs so much!
    Cheers from Germany,

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