1. these guys are AWESOME… didn’t know a new release was in the works, but on my way to pre-order right now! thanks for the heads up and spreading the good word!

  2. loved these guys at the 9b party at sxsw. good show all-around, but they were the first band and the most rocking of the night.

  3. i won’t be able to make it this year, but American Aquarium is on the bill for the upcoming Floydfest in Floyd VA …an amazing lineup in a beatiful setting with a wonderful vibe put on by great folks—July 22-25 for anyone who has the chance to check it out – eclectic but fantastic artist line-up…www.floydfest.com

  4. there ya go shoving how cool you are down our throats again… well, la-di frickin’ da!

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