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In continuing with the trend of posting about free albums in the morning this week, I present The Only Sons. I originally posted about this album back in April.

Below is a reprint of the original post I did on the album. Read it. Listen to the samples and then go download the cd. It’s free…

Taking a page out of fellow Murfreesboro, Tennessee roots rockers, Glossary, The Only Sons have decided to digitally give away their new album, Steel Hearts. I found out about the album via a thread on I think the exchange that took place inside of the thread is pretty interesting for reasons I’ll explain later.

Original Post: Ribbonpigeon’s new album, Steel Hearts, is really good and FREE to download off of their website.
Reply: Damn, good call on this one. I can’t believe how few plays they have on MySpace. Not only is it good, it sounds like music that would appeal to a wide audience.
Reply: The problem these guys have is that they have no exposure. I only heard about them because their lead singer emailed me and asked me to review their previous record on the music blog I used to write (and should ge back to writing again at some point). It seemed like they were doing everything themselves.
Reply: I have to say I’m really liking this, thanks for the heads up. I will spread the word

What’s interesting about this exchange is that as soon as the band was starting to get the name Ribbonpigeon out there they went and changed their name to The Only Sons. Whether this was a good decision or not is yet to be seen, but I’d have to think it will be some sort of setback.

Nonetheless, if you wanna hear some fine Southern/roots rock and you wanna hear it for free just head over to and grab their new cd, Steel Hearts but you better do it quick….god knows what their name will be next week.

The Only Sons - Lay Back Down     

The Only Sons - Been Gone     

The Only Sons - Drew Blood     

The Only Sons Official Site, The Only Sons on myspace, Download Steel Hearts


  1. Cowbelle Cowbelle
    September 3, 2009    

    I love this – thanks. Have you checked out The Moondoggies out of Seattle yet? Curious what you’ll think.

  2. AdHoff AdHoff
    September 10, 2009    

    What’s funny is that I live in the Nashville area and I actually WORK in Murfreesboro (their hometown) and I had never heard of them. Great album. Glossary and Only Sons are putting M’boro on the southern rock map.

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