Glossary is preparing to release a new album and I thought today (following the Two Cow post) would be a good day to remind y’all that last year they released a FANTASTIC album and put it up for you to download for free.

Why after the Two Cow post? Well, you know the lyrics from Two Cow‘s song, Humble Narrator, “the one about a boy / who broke your heart / and brought you to your knees / it was a slow sad waltz / in 3/4’s time / by my friends from Tennessee“? Well, here’s an interesting piece of trivia: those friends are Glossary.

So there. Below is a reprint of the original post I did on the album. Read it. Listen to the samples and then go download the cd. It’s free…

Jesus H. Christ. I am ashamed of myself.

I have been meaning to post a piece about this fantastic album for months, but other than a passing mention that it was available for free (and legal) download, there has been nothing but radio silence from ninebullets. Tonight, when I opened my “shit you need to write about” document and stared at Glossary on top of the list, I decided that it was time to break my silence (to steal a line from Rick Saunders).

So, back in early October, Glossary made their fifth studio album, The Better Angels Of Our Nature, available for free download on their site (btw: it’s still there so you have no excuse for not listening to it). Another reviewer said this in closing about the cd:

I’d have to really start searching to find any faults on this record, and that doesn’t seem fair. Not when a band is doing everything they can to help you get to hear the songs. Not when every song channels and emotion and reminds you of days past, friends you don’t see and lovers you’ve burned through. If you can tell me a better free gift than that, I’d love to hear it.

I really think that covers my feelings on Better Angels of Our Nature. It’s a Southern rock album minus the obvious Southern references of the Drive-By Truckers. A Southern rock album that’s more Saturday afternoon than Saturday night. I think, if you listen to the album, that’ll make sense.

Two things are for sure though- with The Better Angels Of Our Nature, Glossary made the best album of their 10 year career, and it gets a seat on my Essential Listening list. Give it a chance, it’s free.

Glossary – Only Time Will Tell
Glossary – Almsgiver
Glossary – Little Caney

Glossary’s Official Site, Glossary on myspace


  1. Ahhh I totally meant to ask Two Cow who they were referencing in the song when they were in town last month but PBR made me forget. I didn’t get into Glossary until after I’d already seen them twice with Lucero but they’re one of my favorite bands now. Also probably the nicest band I’ve met.

    Someone (you, AIV? or romeosidvicious, maybe?) told me the release date was pushed to the Spring. Anyone have any info on that?

  2. I love this band. Go download the album for free! I would love to put out a record for these guys. One of the best new albums I heard over the last year. I am so excited for their upcoming record.

  3. Per the band: “”Feral Fire” has indeed been pushed back to January 2010 since todd is in europe till 9/23 then going out with lucero 10/8 – 11/ 23. does not leave us much time to tour. plus we’re afraid the record will be forgotten about over the holidays. We’re looking for something to do in late Nov. / early December when Todd gets home. Otherwise, we will be back into action in Late January.”

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