9B Overhaul


18 months ago I took over running this little joint. It took a while to get my feet under me and I’ll admit there have been some stumbles along the way. Once I had my feet under me I decided to do a redesign, life happened, and everything moved very slowly. Fast forward a while and we end up where we are today, announcing that on late Sunday night or early Monday morning, depending on your location, a new 9 Bullets look will be launched.

While the site will look completely different nothing else will change. You can still expect the same quality reviews, occasional snark, and general tone that you’ve come to know and love. I am really excited about this as it is the culmination of months of work in my spare time. I am really proud of the new look and really proud of the staff here and their dedication to providing content. We all do this out of love for the music and artists and if I have my druthers that’s how it will always be.

So stay tuned, I’m sure that things will be a little bumpy during the DNS transition and there might be some hiccups with the new site but I’ll be actively fixing anything to crops up and don’t hesitate to let know if you have problems once the new site launches next week!