Forgive me for slacking.  It had been my intention to provide these posts more often than they have appeared but things like taking my dog to the dog park and watching The Rachel Maddow Show have kept me from compiling links.  But here you go.

We posted a bunch of new Lucero songs not too long ago and here is an excellent interview with Ben Nichols where he discusses the new album Women & Work.  Thanks No Depression.

There are several videos on youtube of Glossary playing songs from their spectacular new album Long Live All Of Us. The quality is good so here is A Shoulder To Cry On and Trouble Won’t Last Always.

American Aquarium is about to record it’s first live album at Raleigh’s Pour House.  Here’s a write-up.  And don’t forget about their Kickstarter campaign.

The Black Keys forthcoming album El Camino has been getting plenty of play around the Nine Bullets Office and you should really see RomeoSidVicious’ dance moves to this one.  They’re offering streaming of five songs over at the official site.

The Devil Makes Three has been out on the road lately and my lack of planning caused me to miss them in Denver.  This looks like a good night in Eugene.  Looking rather Amish and Awesome.

And then there’s THIS that our fearless leader pointed out.

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  1. A dogs gotta walk! I was all ready for the American Aquarium recording/show but my girl “didn’t feel good” so I had to stay home. Damnit. And then I just found out I missed Matt Woods and Cory Brannan last week (two separate shows) they were both at smaller venues that I don’t regularly check the schedules of. I have to be more vigilant about that, but it sucks there’s not a centralized place for all the shows. There is a great weekly arts/entertainment paper that lists everything, but some still manage to slip by, I guess I need to start a website for live/local music of the “ninebullets” genre

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