6 String Drag – Roots Rock 'N' Roll – 2015


Often times I wake up with songs stuck in my head, only a few words to sing to myself or a melody to hum, but it happens so regularly that I’ve grown to expect it. Often times it’s songs that I’ve recently played on the radio or have been planning to. The last few mornings I have found myself humming melodies from the new 6 String Drag album, Roots, Rock ‘N’ Roll.

After taking a nearly two decade hiatus from playing together, 6 String Drag has found a genre they help define in its infancy explode into recognized and well-publicized style of music. Gone is some of the swagger and desperation of the landmark High Hat album but they have effortlessly replaced it with the grace that only veteran musicians exude. A swinging drummer plus an upright bass for the foundation of these eleven songs, often complemented by an understated but on-point horn section.

6 String Drag will leave there North Carolina stomping grounds to join Drive-By Truckers during their annual 40 Watt homecoming shows. If you’re in Athens make sure you show up early.


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