The MTV reality (but not really) show, 5 Dollar Cover: Memphis featuring Lucero (but mostly Ben) debuts on MTV tonight at midnight.

I dunno if it be The Hills with a southern accent and guitars or if it will be awesome. The Memphis locals are pretty jazzed about the whole deal and at this point they’d know more than the rest of us. Either way, my DVR is set to record it.

Now comes the real question, Should I review/recap it here on 9b?

Here is the trailer:


  1. It’ll be online, just go to fivedollarcover.com and that’ll take you to the mtv site.

    If you don’t won’t to review it, I’ll write one and send it to you.

  2. i watched it tonight with craig brewer, claire grant, and the other stars at a watch party i didn’t know i was going to. it’s at one of the regular bars i go to on friday nights. just another friday in memphis for me, but it’s kind of cool that bar is now on TV.

    memphis has some cool bars and good music, but you could take any major city in america and make this show. brewer just loves memphis.

    what did you guys think about the music? minus Muck Sticky. he is not representative of Memphis.

  3. I say review it, especially since Jack Oblivian of the almighty…errr…well…”Oblivians” will be featured. So, there’s that.

  4. Holy Fuck. Terrible.

    Memphis folks this show has done nothing to make your place look great so far. Which sucks because i’ve always had a better mental vision of Memphis and $5 makes it look boring. I suppose this show would do that to any town though.

    Geez. Not much else to say. So Ben growled thorough one scene and thas it. I had high hopes. I hate when TV depicts recording sessions. ALways reeks of the fake. Oh well.

    Despite my previous post please skip the recaps sir.

  5. I’m not ready to write the whole thing off based on one episode but I will agree that as a whole, it was tough to get through….but then I am a 36 yo married guy so I’m hardly the demographic.

    I have not taken it off the DVR programming yet though.

  6. It’s totally aimed at my age group, for sure. I appreciated that I personally know some of the musicians(Steve Selvidge and Paul Taylor) and I knew exactly where each character was. I’ve been in the back parking lot of the Daisy a few times, it’s a bitch pulling out of there.

    Look, everyone is gonna have to face fact, the Memphis music scene is full of hipster fucks and I’m one of the very few who are actually tolerable. This show is very true as to who actually goes to the shows.

    Did you see as Amy was walking in to Harlan’s show that there were a ton of people outside smoking? That’s every show at the Hitone. They’re more concerned with showing up and being seen there than the actual music. That’s not to say that majority of the people don’t actually come in and enjoy some of the show, but all the people outside smoking was very accurate.

  7. damn, this makes me wish I lived in Memphis… If they did a show like this about LA it would be a like a hipster Real World…

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